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Newest Comic #532:
2008 in Review - 8 of 12  (04-15-2009)

2008 in Review - 8 of 12
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2008 in Review - 8 of 12

Posted: 4-17-09, 5:03 pm
Post for Comic 532  
Now. Let it be told that Jamie would never actually say anything mean or derogatory about ... well, anything. However, we all believe a sarcastic master of wit and perception lies within that little Teddy Bear.

So, off did Jamie and Alicia go into the world. A house, bought - not rented. Lawn. Driveway. Proper commute. Even a fence! For the first couple of weeks, we saw them all the time. But that has diminished every week until it has been three weeks since we saw them now. And two months before that. But we love you guys. *sniff*

The '21' reference in the comic? That's from the movie. And the players knew a table was hot when one of the phishing females put her arms behind her back. We determined that no human actually stretches like they do and it was painfully obvious. So now, any time someone does something remotely similar, I point it out. It was not drawn that way on purpose.

The whole group is all about the comic coming back and everything. So that's really cool. Got a DailyWheel Twitter now. Instead of using mine. And set it up so I (tenius) can start following you guys back and all. And now "dailywheel" follows just me and Richard. It'll also post announcements about comics, news, and site changes. As well as the occasional, cliche' Skynet joke.

- Robert
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