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Nothing new here. Come on guys...
April 29, 2017, 3:16 am

  :All About The New Mo-Betta:

A little about us. First off, what you are reading was going to be the very first post. As far as rules go, it would have broken a few. This has no links, no images, and it's of very little interest to the rest of the world. But it might actually help, just a tad, to read it.

There are a few sites out there, nowadays, that allow their readers to have certain amounts of input. Some of these, are Wiki. We are not Wiki. Certain features may be Wiki-like, but you, as a reader, never gain complete control over the contents.

Some are like Slashdot, or SensibleElection. Users can log in with a free account and post interesting news items. We're sorta like that. We would like to, if you can imagine, take the good parts from many sites like that, add in a few of our own ideas (like the Un-Moderated and School Friendly versions or Mo-Betta) that will give readers and posters the chance to share more information in more contextually appropriate ways.

In general, like everything we do and everything on the Internet, this will grow and change. It can't change without your feedback, so send us messages. We love the external validation, and it's just generally fun to talk with people. Unless you're stupid. Then, go somewhere else. There, now it has links. And besides. This entry has been moved to the About section anyway.

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