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Survival Guide: Dust Settles
Congratulations GameAdmin for winning top Rank by Score in Round 128! The Earth Was Destroyed by the NEC's Nukes!

   Survival Guide: Dust Settles - Background

  A little about it:
  The game was envisioned back in 2002, but came to no realization. In early July of 2005, Robert began an obsessive late night task. With input from those around him (greatly appreciated), out came this. Things have been updated and more input has come. Hartley Corporation (the collective team from the DailyWheel) has finally undertaken the projects from not so many years ago. The DailyWheel team is updating Survival Guide: Dust Settles (SGDS) every day.

Deep down we're just a small group making a game the way we always one to be made. Get to know the admins, we're all about the player interaction.

Play this free game and have fun. It's about serious mental strategy giving you the chance to flourish and compete (heatedly) against other camps for top rank. The game gets progressively complicated and intense as you go. Have a good trip.

Just so you know, we update constantly. Often times, major sections are added, especially between rounds. The game is constantly transforming into something greater and greater. Send feedback, and we'll let you know if your suggestion will be in the next update.
Sr-90 fallout at 0.021 mg/m3
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3 Players       
Server: Reset!        
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  1 NuPsiPhi
  2 Valhalla
  3 GameAdmin
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