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Survival Guide: Dust Settles
Congratulations GameAdmin for winning top Rank by Score in Round 128! The Earth Was Destroyed by the NEC's Nukes!

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Many ask, and here's the answer. This is how you can help!

Our game is free and with that, we incur numerous costs. Your generosity is rewarded if you are a player in the game... however, on this page, you generosity is welcome and appreciated, but there is no way to properly divvy the credits.

If you'd like to donate for your specific account, the round must be going and you must be logged in. Apologies for that inconvenience, but I'm sure you understand.

(donation through Paypal... there is no need to return to merchant to complete this transaction)

If asked, enter your Player ID as simply 1.
Sr-90 fallout at 0.021 mg/m3
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3 Players       
Server: Reset!        
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  1 NuPsiPhi
  2 Valhalla
  3 GameAdmin
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