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Beginner's Guide
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Beginner's Guide
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Survival Guide: Dust Settles
Congratulations GameAdmin for winning top Rank by Score in Round 128! The Earth Was Destroyed by the NEC's Nukes!

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   Common Frequently Asked Questions:

  What is this game about?
  This game is set, initially, in the initial storyline of Survival Guide the comic. You are in a post-apocalyptic world working towards survival, pure and simple. After collecting yourself and putting together a camp, your heated competition helps bring about new technology and another apocalypse. So you get to start again and fight for rank each 30-day round.

This is the first game ever made for the SG Universe. This is the beginning of the storyline and a major key to the rest of the series. Watch the series grow at the SG Universe home.
  How do I play it, it's kinda weird?
  It is a text-based massively multiplayer game. You must allow yourself to get used to math and strategy over the standard walk around and shoot things. Give it a little time and a glance in the manual. That will definitely help. Remember... at the beginning, balance and exploration for resources is key. Most players agree that a new camp should stick it out for about 300 turns. At that point, then decide if it isn't for you.
  How much does it cost?
  It is free. The whole game. Really. We don't mind making money, though. In fact, since the game has grown we offer nifty add-ons for small amounts.
  What's this stuff I've heard about buying things?
  Contributions are rewarded. You may decide that you want a little something extra in the experience of the game. At any time, you can purchase credits in the game. One credit for one US Dollar. We use Paypal and the credits are instantly credited. You can trade in these credits for in-game money and add-ons. These add-ons help you along the way. The advantage they give does not give such advantage to automatically cream those who haven't purchased them. It just works as incentive / appreciation.
  Where is my Validation email?
  If you haven't gotten your validation email within about 20 minutes, something is not working properly. We've had reports of missing emails and are aware that Yahoo and Hotmail dislike our mail server. If you have an issue, email and we'll send you your validation code.

You do not NEED validation to begin playing. If you want to try it out first, that's fine.You can have your validation code re-sent to the email on file by going to your profile.
  This is hard. What tips can you offer?
  First, check the manual. Second, check the manual and look for a link called "Newbie Guide."

Next, turn to the community. The staff hangs out in the IRC channel, #Survival-Guide on We answer questions and talk strategy all the time. The others that talk in there are very helpful to new players.

We also have in-game forums for questions and a player run wiki (
  Where can I find more FAQs?
  Yeah, there are more. Trust us. Someone asks "what about birth" every round. To look through some of the more in-game FAQs, check this page of the manual.
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