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Survival Guide: Dust Settles
Congratulations GameAdmin for winning top Rank by Score in Round 128! The Earth Was Destroyed by the NEC's Nukes!

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   Survival Guide: Dust Settles - Link to Us!

And here's how :
Below are a few link banners you can use. If you feel inclined, make your own. If you feel further inclined, send it to us. Let us know. We like external validation. And, we'll put it in the list.

For those of you that are players, you will get the chance to have rank, score, population, and nuke-count buttons to place on your sites.

All images are GIF. If possible right-click and save these to your own computer or website.

Banners: (Note these banners have been shrunk to fit the page.)

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Link Banner 3


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Link Banner 9Link Banner 9

Link Banner 9Link Banner 9
Sr-90 fallout at 0.021 mg/m3
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