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Survival Guide: Dust Settles
Congratulations GameAdmin for winning top Rank by Score in Round 127! The Earth Was Destroyed by the NEC's Nukes!

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   Survival Guide: Dust Settles - Newsroom
   Front-page news archive.

  Round 19:  5/01/07
  This'll be crazy. Round 19 features the return of The O RLY Factor as a regular player. Join him or crush him, but watch your back. He won many rounds when the game was much more raw.

  Round 18:  4/01/07
  Afternoon on this fine April Fools. Just so you know, we've opted out of doing anything prank-like today, since it is the first day of the round.

For the rest of April, well, you never know.

  A reminder or two :  9/26/06
  I'd like to remind everyone of a couple of things. One, this is our new signin and info page setup. We weren't bought out or anything. :)

Also, OnNotice is up and running again and updated for the new battle systems. Check it out on the Downloads page.

A new speed pack will be coming out in the wee hours of next round. That will be mentioned here and in the game news. Also available in the Downloads page.

You'll note two things that are only partly complete. One - the trophies page. It is just a simple list right now, but will soon be paginated and provide links to detail information on each trophy including the larger image and to whom it was awarded.

The other is our "Video Tour." This is currently being animated and is expected to air early next round. Yes, animated by us.
  Round 11 Comes to a Close :  9/26/06
  So, our 11th round ends on Saturday. As always, it will begin the first of the month, 24 hours after it goes down.

You'll notice a few things changed as always, but nothing extremely major. Just balance and economy.

This page has been updated a bit, and you'll probably seeing lots of new players. And that's all good stuff, so no complaints here.

There have been very interesting parts to the first round with Focus paths. Rest assured, they're getting some tune-ups.
  The Newsroom is a little empty:  9/26/06
  This is a new addition with the upgraded login page. So, it isn't paginated or indexed yet. But, it'll grow and change like everything does.
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