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Survival Guide: Dust Settles
Congratulations GameAdmin for winning top Rank by Score in Round 127! The Earth Was Destroyed by the NEC's Nukes!

   Survival Guide: Dust Settles - What is it?

  Let's take a quick second to talk about the game.

Game Style:
Browser-Based, 10-minute turns (with 100 to start with), Low Graphics, Number / War / Survival Strategy, with 28 day rounds.
Basically, you like this kind of game or you don't. We don't mind. Dust Settles does have a very high population of players who've never liked browser-based strategies but love this one, so give it a try for a few turns.

Setting and Story:
The more detailed story is being pieced together, and players add to it every day. Your setting is as follows. The world just ended. Long story as to how, but let's just say there were nukes and some war and a comet strike that started it all. After surviving with a small number of cohorts (depending on your chosen class), you set out to explore for food and find more survivors. After a while of that, you begin to advance and relearn the things lost and forgotten. Within a few days (months in the game) you start having conflict with nearby survivor camps. Tensions rise, and then you get to the war. There are comical aspects, both in art and in some of the interesting Easter Eggs, and there are very serious aspects, like in alliances and political decisions.

The game isn't easy. It is designed for those who like numbers and formations and micro management. It is designed for those who like a challenge. There is a lot of clicking to queue up actions and orders and then ending the turn to watch the result of those actions. Might sound boring at first, but once you get the feel for it, the game becomes incredibly fast paced and intense.

Player Base:
Tightly knit. Alliances exist that are forged from steel. There are a high number of females, and a low number of spammers / flamers. Plenty of players play with calculators and spreadsheets. Other feel it out.

There are trophies to win for completing in game goals, ranks to achieve for tons of statistics, and the overall goal of being top in score at the end of the round. You'll start small and grow fast.

Sr-90 Fallout:
As fallout from the larger detonations begins moving across the globe, the concentration of radioactive Strontium increases in the air. When the round starts, it is relatively low, but 0.76 mg per cubic meter is lethal and it rises from the starting .13 every day. This gives rise to a global game-wide project to clean the air and prevent more deaths. This concentration has a major affect on population mortality rates.

Do we expect to compete with large MMORPG's? Certainly. At least in a manner of speaking. This game draws from a narrow audience that just needs more thinking. It is designed, monitored, and constantly improved by a team that ruled nearly every browser game they played. First step was to build a game that would challenge them. Next, they'll move into the more conventional gaming industry. For now, enjoy the struggle.
Sr-90 fallout at 0.021 mg/m3
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