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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Anonymity and CoolDown

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Getting Out of Anonymity
III. CoolDown


The purpose of anonymity is to give each camp a chance to build up enough that he/she will be able to defend the camp from attacks. As a small camp, no one is going to notice you enough to consider you a threat. In this way you are able to explore, recruit, research, and even begin training militia, army, and special ops for when you get out of anonymity. Use this time wisely, opening important buildings and constructing needed defenses. Once you leave anonymity, you will not be able to return without high cost.

Cooldown is a sort of temporary anonymity used to help protect a camp from complete destruction. After a severe attack or series of attacks, your camp may be severely injured, leaving your army, militia, and special ops decimated and your population a mere remnant of what it used to be. To help you out, your camp will enter cooldown for a specific period giving you enough time to at least try to rebuild.

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Getting Out of Anonymity:

You will get out of anonymity by gaining over 1,000 units of land through exploration. Once out of anonymity you will be able to attack other camps and be attacked in turn. The reason your total land will pull you out of anonymity is that once you have claimed 1,000 units of land as your own, someone is going to have spotted your camp and seen the fact that you are growing and becoming something worth considering. Until you get out of anonymity, you will see this message on the front page.

Main Page Anonymity Reminder

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Cool Down notice with manual removal button

If you ever lose a significant amount of your civilian population due to any type of attack, your camp will immediately be dropped into cooldown. This will put you in a sort of temporary anonymity for 18 real time hours. For this period of time, no one can attack you and you will be unable to attack anyone else. This time will allow you the chance to rebuild your population, army, and defenses that you lost through the battle and any that had happened previously. This amount of time should also give you the ability to log on if you were attacked after you had left for awhile.

Once the 18 hours have passed, your camp will once again be open to attack from anyone within your range. If you have not logged in and attempted to rebuild, your camp will still be vulnerable. It's best to never leave your camp unchecked for more than 12 hours if at all possible. If you decide that you want to pull yourself out of cooldown before the 18 hours are up, you can. All you have to do is go to your Attack page and click the button below the reminder telling you how much longer you have left in cooldown. This will automatically allow you to attack and be attacked immediately.

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