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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Auto Exchange

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Messenger Requirements
III. Limitations
IV. Improvements
V. Exchange Rate
VI. Using the Exchange


This exchange allows you to give a set of orders for you messengers to perform each turn. You can assign these messengers the task of exchanging excess resources for CEPs, CEPs for needed resources, or both. Each turn the messengers you have assigned will perform their task and make the trades you order, returning at night with the resources or CEPs received. These exchanges are made directly with the Neutral Exchange Camp, and thus have a set exchange rate, that favors the NEC.

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Messenger Requirements:

AutoExchange Assignments

You will need 1 messenger for each exchange that you want to perform. The messengers that you have assigned will perform your exchanges in the order that they are displayed. If you don't have enough messengers for all of the orders set, the ones at the bottom will not be completed. The messengers used for AutoTrades can be used for the CEP Exchange, but not for the Trade Market. You will need other messengers to pick up those wagons.

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Your only limit regarding this exchange is how much you currently have in storage and the number of messengers you have assigned. If you don't have enough of an assigned resource in storage, the exchange will be decreased to how much you can trade.

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You can only improve your AutoTrades by assigning more messengers to perform more trades. Being a Goofball will give you slightly better rate when trading resources for CEPs.

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Exchange Rate:

You can trade in 100 food or disposables or 67 building supplies for 1 CEP or 1 CEP for 20 food/disposables or 14 building supplies.

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Using the Exchange:

AutoExchange Tools

Using this exchange is quite simple. To trade a resource for CEPs each turn automatically, type in the number you want to trade in the top text box and select which specific resource you want to trade, then click "Add Assignment." To trade CEPs for a resource, type in the number of CEPs that you want to trade and select which resource you want in exchange using the second set of tools on the page. Then click "Add Assignment" to add it to your orders. Each assignment will be added above your assignment tools, with the newest assignments being added to the top.

Trades will be performed in the order the assignments appear on your screen from top to bottom, so the first thing you assign will be the last trade performed. Keep this in mind as you add AutoTrade assignments and change messenger numbers. AutoTrade will be performed before wagons are picked up from the Trade Market, so make sure you adjust the number of trades or messengers appropriately.

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