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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Barracks Page

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Weapons Production
III. Weapons Storage
IV. Improvements/Limitations


Barracks Page Basic Information Your Barracks page is where you will control weapons production for your camp. You will have to have at least one barracks constructed before you will be able to even open this page. Once you are able to access the page, you will be able to see what your current barracks production efficiency is and how many barracks are full, allowing you to produce weapons. Your Weapon Design research will have to be high enough to allow you to construct weapons before you will actually be able to build them.

You will use the weapons produced through this page to arm both your army and militia for offensive and defensive attacks. Your attacks will not be nearly as effective if you do not arm your troops.

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Weapons Production:

Barracks Page Weapons Production

You will use the main table on the Barracks page to assign the number of weapons you want to produce. The first column of the table will show you which weapon you are assigning for production. The next text box is where you can manually enter the number of weapons you want your barracks to produce for that type. You can click the handy "max" or "0" button to set the appropriate number in the box. The next column will tell you the maximum number of weapons that you can create of that type and how many of that type of weapon can be produced per barracks. The final two rows will show you the total supply and CEP costs for production of that many of that type of weapon. You will also be able to see the cost per weapon of each weapon type.

Once you have entered in all of the values for weapons production, you will click Update Production. You will receive a message at the top of your screen that lets you know your production orders have been updated. You will be able to assign ranged weapons for production through this screen if you have a minting license, but you will receive a warning that your camp cannot produce those weapons in your end turn results. If you assign more weapons than your barracks can produce or a weapons type that you have not opened yet, you will not be able to click the button to update your production orders.

Weapons Production Updated

One thing you should keep in mind when assigning weapons for production is the fact that you need officers to produce to full capacity. If you do not have enough officers to completely cover your troops, then you will only produce half of the weapons that you normally would. Also officers will not produce weapons and thus do not count towards making a full barracks, thus if you have 5 barracks full and the last barracks contains officers, you will only be able to produce 4 barracks worth of weapons. Also if you have more weapons assigned for production than you can produce in a turn (due to recent losses, promotions, etc.) you will not produce any. Keep your eyes on what is assigned so that you can maintain max. production possible.

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Weapons Details and Storage:

Weapons details tables collapsed

You can find out how many weapons you currently have in storage by using the Barracks page. You will be able to see how many of each weapon type produced through the barracks you currently have to store and how many total spaces you have. Remember, if you have more weapons than storage, you will lose the excess overnight. You should either keep around plenty of extra armories or recycle the excess. You can also expand each of the boxes to see the details about each weapon including damage, crew, and minimum and maximum ranges.

Shock Pistol details expanded

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You can improve your barracks first by researching Weapon Design to open the ability to produce increasingly powerful weapons. You can also increase the number of weapons that you can produce by building and filling more barracks. You cannot produce weapons from barracks that are not filled with army/special ops. Either type of military troop will help to build weapons, but only if the barracks is full. Remember, though officers will not produce weapons and do not count towards a full barracks for weapons production. The barracks must also be staffed with a civilian to keep things running smoothly and to oversee the operations. If both of these requirements are not met, you will not be able to produce weapons from the barracks. Also you must have complete officer coverage for the amount of army that you have or you will not be able to produce weapons at full capacity, only half.

You will have to watch your production costs as well. You can produce the maximum number of weapons of all types each day, if you can afford the production costs. If you can't the production for that day will be canceled. Your generators' costs will be calculated before your weapons production so your weapons will be the only thing affected unless your supplies deficit is large enough to cause generator shut down anyway.

Your final limitation for weapons production in your barracks involves whether or not you have a minting license. If you have a minting license, you will be unable to produce your own long range or heavy weapons. You will be allowed to produce short range weapons for defense against other camps, but you will have to buy any other weapons.

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