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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Buildings


Buildings are where most of the camp activity takes place when you are not exploring, recruiting, or battling. These are the structures that house your people, give your army a place to plan/train/etc., give your people a place to research, and produce all of the resources that you can eventually make yourself.

You construct buildings through the Construct page using assigned workers, land, and building supplies. Each building has its own construction requirements and requirements to keep it running. Each building also has its own use during the game, though some buildings may lose true usefulness as new, more advanced buildings are opened through research.

You will only begin the game with the ability to construct 14 different building types. As you progress through the game you will eventually be able to build each of the buildings below. You can build as many of each building as you want with limits primarily related to available land, building supplies, power supply, and staffing capabilities. Only wall, barbed wire, communications facilities, relays, and weather stations have any true limits. Their limitations are explained more fully in their respective pages.

Click on one of the links below to learn more information about the individual building.

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