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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Items for Purchase

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Purchasing In-Game Credits
   A. Referrals
IV. Hired Hands
   A. Scribe
   B. Spies
V. Merchandise


As with any game, free or not, there are costs associated with running it. We too have our own costs, primarily, server/hosting expenses for the game. In order to help with these costs we offer some in-game and out-of-game items for purchase. Currently, each player to SGDS costs us around $1 in bandwidth. We want to get to the point where we can have 10,000 players to the game at a time (obviously the cost would adjust slightly), but in order to do that and support the game we need funds. We have day jobs currently, but those are not what we really want to do. What we want to do is make this game and the others we make, not to mention the comics and other parts of DailyWheel and Hartley Corporation, our daily job. We want to be able to keep creating new games for you guys to play and enjoy.

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Purchasing In-Game Credits:

Right Hand Credit Purchase ButtonBottom Bar Credit Purchase Link

To buy items to help you in-game, like spies, a scribe, or CEPs, you will need to purchase credits by clicking the button on the right-hand side of your screen that says "Purchase Credits" or the link on your bottom bar. Either of these links will take you to this page. On this page you will see some basic details about why purchasing credits helps the game (thus helping you) and you will be able to see how much of our monthly goal has been met by other people's purchases. Each credit costs $1 and will be purchased through PayPal. Your player ID will be displayed in a box just above the button that will take you to PayPal. This number will be entered for you during the checkout process. Do Not Change It! This number will be used to credit your account with the appropriate number of dollar credits. If you edit or delete it then our system will be unable to credit you with the appropriate number of credits.

Purchase Credits Page

Once you click the purchase button on this page, a new page will open in a separate browser window. In this window, you will enter the number of credits that you want to buy and either enter your information if you do not have a PayPal account or log in if you have one. At the end of either checkout procedure, you will see a box at the bottom of the page that shows your player ID. After entering the needed information, you will be able to finish the checkout. Be sure to click "Return to Merchant" to be returned to a page on our server so your account will be adjusted properly with the new credits. Not clicking this link will cause your account to not get credited because this link is the point where PayPal informs our server of the purchase and the amount. If you have any problems, send a private message or an e-mail to one of the admins. Any credits that have not been spent by the end of the round can be saved and rolled over to the new round, if you have linked your game account to a DailyWheel member account before the end of the round. Spies, scribes, and CEP do NOT rollover. You will have to repurchase those each round.

PayPal Checkout Page

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If you would like to earn a few credits for helping to keep the game going and more interesting for everyone, you can refer friends and family to the game. Tell someone who might be interested in playing the game and have them sign up using your Player ID in the referral box under where they choose their terrain type. Once they have validated their account and reached turn 350, your account will gain 1 credit that you can spend wherever.

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CEP Investment Page

CEPs are one of the primary things that gamers purchase credits for. For 1 credit ($1) you can get 500 CEPs. 5 credits will get you enough to buy a minting license from the Neutral Exchange Camp so that you can make your own. In order to trade in your credits for CEPs, click the "CEP Investment" button on the right side of your game screen. On this page you will see the bar showing how close purchases have come to our current goal and the tools for trading in your credits for CEPs. You will type in the number of credits that you want to trade in, in the text box up to the max. that you have and click "Trade in for CEP." Be careful before you click to trade in your credits. Once they have been traded in for a purchasable item, we cannot and will not give a refund on credits. Once you have traded in the credits your account will be credited with the CEPs.

Trading Credits for CEP's

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Hired Hands:

Hired Hands Donation Screen

There are a few people that the Neutral Exchange Camp trains for hire by other camps. Both of these hired hands are useful to have around your camp to keep track of information for you and to find out about other camps. You can hire up to 10 spies for your camp and one scribe. The price for a scribe and each individual spy is 5 credits ($5). To trade in your credits for one of these hired hands, click the "Hired Hands" link on your left control panel. You will need at least 5 credits for each spy or scribe that you desire. Enter in the appropriate number of credits for what you want to trade for and click the appropriate trade button. If you enter an invalid number of credits, you will receive an error message at the top telling you that was invalid. You will still have the same number of credits you had before and you can retry if needed. If you do not have enough credits for a spy or scribe, you will have to purchase more. Any spies or scribes purchased during a round will only be good for that round. You do not keep these between rounds and will have to trade in credits for them in future rounds.

Trading Credits for Spies and Scribes

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A scribe can provide you with some very useful information that no one else in your camp is trained to keep up with. If you hire a scribe, he will keep up with all of the army battles, ops missions, and air raids that you participate in; all the missiles you've launched or that have been launched at you; all the messages that you've sent and received, all the times you have aided or been aided by someone; all of your basic and advanced research; some basic details about your camp; and a list of all the buildings you have. Your scribe will only work for one round. If you want one in a future round, you will have to trade in another 5 credits.

Hired Hands Scribe Link

Once you have purchased a scribe, you will have two ways to access it. First you can click on the "Scribe" link on your left control panel to open the scribe options. Second you can click the link in "Hired Hands" that will replace the trade tools once you have a scribe. By clicking one of these links you will be taken to a page containing the tools below.

Scribe Tools


When you are ready to view information about your camp, click to view your scribe options and select which report you want to see. Once you have made that selection, click "View Report" and the information will open under the selection box. You can view this information as much as you want to.

Scribe Report

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You can hire up to 10 spies from the neutral exchange camp for 5 credits ($5) apiece. These spies will allow you to find out information about another camp, including the camp's militia and army size, defense type, rations, research totals, login statistics, alliance, and score. You will be able to assign each spy that you hire to implant themselves in a single camp for a minimum of 72 hours (real time) so the spy has long enough to really observe the camp he/she is spying on. Spies will only work for your camp during the round in which you purchased them. If you want a spy or two in future rounds, you will have to trade in more credits.

Once you have purchased a spy, a link will appear below the credit trading tools for spies on the Hired Hands page. This link will take you to your spy options. On this page you will be able to reassign your spies (if enough time has passed since their original assignment) and view the information gathered about the camp the spy is implanted in.

Spy Assignment Tool


Spy Report Example

By going to your Hired Hands page and clicking "Click Here to Manage Your Hired Hands" you can see your current spies and what camp they are spying on. You can then click View Report to see the details about the camp the spy is implanted in. You can change the camp using the selection box, but only if the spy has been in the camp for more than 72 real time hours. You will be able to see the information about the new camp as soon as you assign your spy there, though.


Your spies will have to stay in a camp for 72 hours in order to fully observe and gather the information you need about the camp and to sneak out without being noticed.

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Merchandise Examples

If you want something that you can have/use outside the game that's still game related, you're going to want to visit our store. You can get to the store by clicking the merchandise link on the DailyWheel homepage. Here you will find shirts (guys and girls), hoodies, bags, clocks, stickers, magnets, mugs, mousepads, and a few other treats all related to Survival Guide the Game. These cost a bit more than an in-game item, but you will be able to use the item for more than a round, so it's an option for something a little different. The image above shows just a few examples of some of the main things you can find in our store. We will continue to add and adjust things as we come up with new designs and retire or fix old ones. You will not be able to trade in credits for these items.

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