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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: CEP Exchange

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Messenger Requirements
III. Limitations
IV. Improvements
V. Exchange Rates
VI. Using the Exchange


This service allows you to trade in excess food, disposables or building supplies for Common Exchange Pieces (CEP). These are the monetary units created by the Neutral Exchange Camp to act as a standard for exchange between all camps and even within a camp. This exchange is useful for turning your surplus resources into CEPs that you can use on the Trade Market, AutoExchange, or for any production that requires CEPs.

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Messenger Requirements:

In order to make a trade through this exchange, you will have to have 1 messenger for each trade that you want to make. You are not limited as to how much each messenger can trade. The messengers you use for the CEP Exchange can also be used on either the AutoExchange or the Trade Market, but not both.

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There are two things that limit how many trades you can make each turn, the number of messengers you have assigned and your Marketing research. You will be able to make as many trades each turn as 1 + your current level of Marketing research, as long as you have enough messengers assigned. This means you can make 15 trades with a Marketing research of 14 and 15 messengers assigned.

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You can increase the number of trades you can make each turn by researching Marketing and by assigning more messengers.

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Exchange Rate:

CEP Exchange Rate Reminder

The current exchange rate for this exchange is 100 food (67 building supplies) for 1 CEP.

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Using the Exchange:

CEP Exchange Tools

All you have to do to use this exchange is type in the number of units of a given resource in the appropriate text box and click "now." The number of exchanges that you can make that turn based on your Marketing research will appear above the entry boxes. As soon as you click, the trade will occur, removing the resources you chose to trade from your storage and adding the appropriate amount of CEPs to your total. A notice of how many CEPs you received through the exchange will appear in red over the main box.

CEP Exchange Completion Announcement

If you do not have enough of the chosen resource in storage to cover what you entered to exchange, no transaction will be made. You will receive no notice of an amount of CEP received and will have the same number of trades left.

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