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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Daily Standing Orders

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Opening the Orders
III. Assigning the Orders
   A. Things to Remember


By putting in the Time Management research to open them and assigning them, you can use Daily Standing Orders (DSOs) as a sort of fail-safe as you end turns. These will allow you to do things like send remaining population on an exploration or recruiting mission if you forgot to assign one, assign max. weapons for production, or even automatically queue up comm relays and/or wall for construction. These are not to take the place of making your own assignments, just to help you out if you forget to assign something before you end your turn.

  • All remaining population assigned for exploring: This is the fist DSO that you will open. If this is assigned, all population not assigned to another task will be set to explore, at first only for "Any and All," but later for a specified resource. This search will not take place if you manually assign an explore queue, only if you don't have one set. Buses will not be used for this exploration queue and the people will only be sent out for one day at a time, so 5 day protection from relay deficits will not come into effect.
  • All remaining population assigned for recruiting: Similar to the exploration DSO, this will help cover you if you forget to set a recruiting queue for a turn. No buses will be used and the exploration DSO will supersede this if you forget to set both an exploration and recruiting queue.
  • All remaining population split 50-50 between exploring and recruiting: This DSO will occur if you forgot to assign both a recruiting and exploration queue. Any population that is not assigned to another task when you end a turn will be split in half to explore and recruit for that turn. You will be able to select the resource your people should explore for. Buses and 5 day missions are, once again, not an option.
  • Max. weapons automatically assigned for production: If you often forget to reassign weapons production numbers after losing army units through officer training or a battle of some kind, this DSO can be a big help. It will automatically assign the maximum number of weapons that your barracks can build for production. If you don't have the building supplies or CEPs to cover the costs of production, then those weapons will not be produced. For the time being, only close combat and ranged fire weapons are automatically assigned through this DSO. Heavy weapons must be adjusted manually.
  • Max. comm relays and/or wall assigned for construction: As long as you have the supplies and land needed and some construction workers assigned, this DSO will automatically add needed relays and wall units to the top and bottom of your construction queue respectively. This can be a big boon when it comes to trying to keep 100% wall and communications coverage as you continually expand your camp. This order set will NOT assign the extra relays or wall units that research allows you to build, though, only what you NEED. If you want to build extra to keep a little breathing room, you will have to do that manually.
  • All remaining population assigned to nuke construction: Having this DSO assigned will automatically place all of your available population on nuke construction when you end your turn. Just as with some of the other DSOs, if you do not have the land, supplies, or uranium to finish the nuke, then it will halt construction just before completion, as it would normally. If you have one of the exploration or recruiting DSOs assigned, those will be pulled first, thus your remaining population would be assigned to the appropriate explore and/or recruit queue before nuke construction.

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Opening the Orders:

Daily Standing Orders page reminder of what to research and how often you can open new orders

To open the different order types, you will have to do extra research into Time Management. At a research level of 10, you will open the ability to have all remaining population sent on an exploration mission for "Any and All" if you forget to assign the exploration manually. At 15 you will be able to choose what your people should search for on an exploration mission or have all of them automatically sent on a recruiting mission, but not both. You can have your remaining population split in half for both an exploration and a recruiting queue when you reach 20. At 25 you can assign to have your weapons production automatically assigned to the maximum possible according to your currently filled barracks. To keep up with your relay and wall needs, you can assign those to be built automatically as you need them once you hit 30 points of research. Finally at 35 units of Time Management research, you can have all of your remaining population assigned to nuke construction automatically. You can check on the progress of your Time Management research on the top bar if you are currently researching it or below the DSO assignment tools.

Daily Standing Orders page Time Management research level reminder

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Assigning the Orders:

Daily Standing Orders assignment tools

Once you have opened one of the order types, you will need to click the link on the left-hand side of your screen that says "Daily Standing Orders." On this page, you will see all of the options for DSO assignment that you have opened. Make your assignments by either selecting the appropriate radial button beside the exploration and recruiting options or selecting "On" or "Off" from the appropriate drop-down box. If you have the ability to select what your people should explore for, select this option as well from the row just below the set of radial button selections. Once you have made the assignments you want, click "Assign Orders" to set those for use. At any time you can set "No Automatic Exploration or Recruitment" to halt any of those DSOs and set the others to Off if you don't want to use them any more. Just be sure to click "Assign Orders" to make sure the new orders are submitted properly.

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Things to Remember:

The main thing you should keep in mind when using DSOs are the requirements some have for certain resources. For example, if you don't have any construction workers assigned, needed relays and wall units will only be added to the queue, not completed. Also if you are lacking required building supplies, CEPs, land, or uranium, then the DSOs that require these resources will not be completed. Also, if you have a communications deficit, you need to make sure that all automatic exploration and recruiting DSOs are turned off or you will risk losing some people and especially efficiency while they are out.

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