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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: The Economy Path

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Opening and Setting this Path
III. Path Advantages
   A. Making Gold Palettes


The Economy Path is for those people more interested in making money and creating a strong backing for that money. With the ability to earn points by smelting gold palettes, this path will provide you the tools needed to conquer others through shear economic power.

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Opening and Setting this Path:

Economist Center row from the Your Camp's Buildings Table on the Construct Screen

In order to open this focus path, you will need to research both Marketing and Architecture to 40. Once you have done this, the Economist Center will become an option for construction on your Construct page. This building will take 30,000 workers, 3,000 land, and 6,000 building supplies to construct. Once constructed you will be locked into the Economy path. You cannot demolish your focus building, nor can you construct one of the others. Constructing this building will immediately open the abilities associated with this focus path.

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Path Advantages:

Once you have constructed your Economist Center, you will be set on the Economy Focus Path and will have the abilities that come with it. On this path, you gain the ability to smelt the gold ore you gain from your mines into gold palettes. These palettes will give you a boost in score, 2 points apiece. Beyond this, setting yourself on a focus path will open your level 3 ops missions, allowing you to make attacks on other camps targeted at their specific path. Your gold palettes will be produced through your Focus Path page. The link for this page will open once you have built your Economist Center.

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Making Gold Palettes:

Gold Smelting Tools

Once you have set yourself on the Economy Path, your Focus Path page will open and hold your smelting options. As long as you have some gold ore and a few free people, you can begin smelting gold. For only 100 worker days and 1 unit of gold, you can smelt a gold palette. Each palette will give you 2 points. You can smelt as many palettes each turn as you can provide the workers, vault space, and the gold for. If you do not have enough gold for a palette, production will halt just before it is finished until you end another turn with the gold needed. Also if you do not have enough extra vault space, production will halt until you do.

To smelt gold, type in the number of people you are willing to assign as smelters and click "now." This will set those people as workers and, depending on the amount set, will produce gold after each turn ended as long as you have available ore. If you need to increase or decrease this number at any time, just use this text box to change the staffing. If you don't have enough people staffed to smelt an entire palette in a turn, the bar at the bottom will increment up appropriately each turn. Below the bar you can see how many total gold palettes you have.

Morale is also very important for smelting gold. If your morale ever drops below fair, all of your gold workers will be unassigned and will remain that way until you get your morale back to a decent level.

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