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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Focus Path Defensive

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Defending Against Ops
III. Protecting Nukes


Because other camps can attack your camp specifically aiming to hurt your progress on your focus path, you have to be prepared to defend yourself. You will need to maintain a decent defense against ops and, if you're on the Nuke Path, a decent defense against cruise missiles.

Defending Against Ops:

Defending against level 3 ops missions is no different than defending against any other ops mission. Your primary defense against ops will be constructible defenses, walls, lights, barbed wire, and guard posts. You guard posts should be manned with militia and you should have some extra around to take on the ops once they get inside your camp. You should also have some close combat weapons in storage for your militia to grab. Beyond this researching Military Tactics, Ingenuity, Architecture, and Weapon Design will really give you a boost in protection against ops, especially Architecture since it is a primary research to protect your structures, including your silos, gold storage, or weapons stores.

Protecting Nukes:

Patriot Missile Installation Queue

If you decide to take the Nuke Path, you can protect your nukes from missile attacks by other camps with the help of patriot missiles. By having a few patriot missile banks prepared for launch whenever needed, you will be able to guard your nukes from cruise missiles. This can help you keep your score from dropping due to nuke destruction.

Patriot missiles can be constructed by any camp that does the research to open them, but are only really useful for Nuke Path camps. Camps with another focus path can make and sell or aid patriots to those who need them if they want. You can use GPS to help improve the accuracy of your patriots for better protection.

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