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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Focus Path Overview

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Opening Each Path
III. Focus Path Basics
IV. Things to Remember


There are three focus paths in this game. These are areas of concentration that your camp will be able to choose from at different points during the game. You can choose to take your camp down the research heavy Nuke path, the battle heavy Military path, or the gold heavy Economy path. Once you choose a path and build the related focus building, you will not be able to turn back, so choose carefully. Don't wait too long, though, as these are a major way to earn score during the mid and late game.

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Opening Each Path:

Each path requires a great deal of research to open the ability to construct the focus building for that path.

Nuke Path: You will need a 5 in all advanced research for this path's focus building.
Military Path: You will need a 40 in Military Tactics and Weapon Design for this path's focus building.
Economy Path: You will need Marketing and Architecture at 40 in order to build the economy focus building.

Once you have met the research requirements for a focus building, it will show up on the Construct screen and you can set it for construction. Constructing a focus building will lock you into that path and you will not be able to demolish it. You will still be able to see the focus buildings for the other paths on your Construct screen, but you will not be able to queue it. Be sure to choose your focus carefully.

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Focus Path Basics:

Each focus path has its own way of increasing your camp's score.

Nuke Path: This path will allow your camp to build nuclear weapons which will give you a score boost. Nukes take a large amount of resources and worker days, 7.5 million, to construct, but you get a 25,000 point score increase for each nuke your camp constructs. Each nuke will require 1,000 units of uranium.

Nuke Focus Path message

The Military Path: If you choose to follow this path, you will get a boost in the amount of victory score you can win during battle and will have the ability to open and construct mechs. Light mechs will take 1 unit of titanium and give 1 point. Medium mechs will take 2 units of titanium and will give 2 points. Heavy mechs will take 3 units of titanium and will give 5 points. Mechs must be stored in lots and produced through garages.

Military Focus Path message

The Economy Path: This path allows your camp to make pallets of gold bars. Each pallet will only get you 2 points, but will only take 100 workers and 1 unit of gold to construct each turn.

Economic Focus Path message

Once you have chosen a focus path, you will gain the abilities associated with that path and will gain new abilities for your special ops. These new ops lvl 3 missions will allow you to do directed damage to people on the same focus path that you are on and people on other paths. Your ops will be able to sabotage nukes, gold stores, and armories, hangers, and lots. Nukes are also vulnerable to cruise missiles, though they can install patriot missiles for defense against these.

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Things to Remember:

You will be able to open all three focus buildings, but you will only be able to construct one. Once you have constructed a focus building, you cannot demolish it. Focus buildings will be constructed through the Construct page just like any other building.

You can still do research in the advanced labs, even if you do not choose the nuke path. You will be able to open the nuclear reactors, nuclear heating, cruise missiles, patriots, and the space center. If you are not on the nuke path, you can just sell your unneeded patriots on the Trade Market.

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