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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Focus Path Offensive

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Level 3 Ops Missions
III. Cruise Missiles


Focus paths are end-game style paths used to boost a camp higher than others through large or cheaply achievable score boosts. There are two ways that you can combat other camps on their specific path in order to help drop their score so you can have less competition. The first way is your level 3 ops missions. The second way is an anti-nuke specific attack using cruise missiles.

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Level 3 Ops Missions:

Level 3 Ops Mission Assignment Queues

Once you have constructed a focus building, your special ops will have a new level of missions geared specifically towards attacking another camp's focus related score. These missions may open before your level 2 missions if you do not have enough wins and research to open those when you set your focus path. The queues for these missions will appear below the queue for level 1 and 2 ops missions.

For Military Focus, you will be able to sabotage and destroy their armories, hangars, or lots. The ops will only attack filled buildings and will destroy whatever weapons, vehicles, mechs, or aircraft might be in the buildings at the time. If mechs are destroyed, the score gained from them will be deducted from the player's total score.

For Nuke Focus, you will sabotage and destroy nuclear silos. The score gained from the nukes that are destroyed will be deducted from the camp.

For Econ Focus, you will be able to ruin gold stockpiles. The score from the destroyed palettes will be deducted from the player's score.

When you decide to use these missions on a camp, you should first find out which focus they have. You can do this through the Statistics page or through the drop down box in each queue where you select your target. If the camp is within 3 times to 1/3 of your score, you can use one of these missions on them. Once you select your target in the appropriate queue, you will select your rules of engagement. You will only be able to select Standard Operating Procedure or Mission Critical for these missions. If you are attacking a Military Focus, you will need to select which storage type you want to sabotage. Finally you will need to type in how many ops units you want to send. Once you have entered in the information needed, click "Confirm" in the appropriate box and your mission will be set.

As with any other mission type, your ops will be out of your camp for 6 turns. You will not be able to set any other ops missions until those 6 turns have ended. You can cancel an ops mission until you have ended your first turn after setting it. Attacks on a camp using these missions will count towards your 3 ops attacks per day on a single camp limit, as well as the 10 total ops attacks per day limit. These missions will not count towards the 15 total attack of any kind limit, though. Once you have set an attack, you will not be able to train any new ops. Remember, you may lose ops on these missions not only to the camp's defenses, but also to accidents that may happen on these difficult and important missions.

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Cruise Missiles:

Cruise Missile Launch Queue

Camps on the Nuke Focus path must also worry about missile attacks launched at them by other camps. It takes a great deal of advanced research to open the ability to build and launch cruise missiles. Any camp can do the research to build and launch cruise missiles, though camps on the Nuke Path will have a slight advantage since cruise missiles will be opened in the course of their nuke related research.

If you open the ability to build cruise missiles, you can lob a few missiles at any camp with nukes, no matter their score. If your cruise missiles hit a nuke or two, the camp's score will decrease and the land the nuke(s) was sitting on will become unusable. Open the Space Center and launch a few spy satellites to increase the accuracy of your cruise missiles to help cause more damage.

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