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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Garage

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Basic Information
III. Opening Requirements
IV. Improvements
V. Limitations
VI. Displays
VII. Special Considerations When Demolishing


Garages are the place where your camp will construct buses, AAVs, tanks, and aircraft. Busses improve your returns from exploring and recruiting. AAVs, tanks, and aircraft will all give you an extra boost in battle. They take gasoline, but a couple of fuel refineries will keep you moving right along.

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Basic Information:

Building Name
Size (Land Units)
Supplies Cost
Workers to Construct
Daily Cost
10 Pwr
Daily Production

When you build a garage through the Construct screen, you are only building the structure that your vehicles and aircraft will be constructed in. Each garage will take 10 kWH of power to run, one person to staff, and 50 people to do the construction work. All of your vehicles must be constructed separately.

Before you can build a garage you should make sure that you have enough power and enough fuel refineries to keep things going.

Because it can be confusing, there is a major difference between staffing a garage and manning it. Staffing a garage means assigning the 1 person that will be at the garage, no matter what. This is the guy that will fuel your vehicles and aircraft before they leave your camp. Manning a garage means assigning extra people to your garages, 50 per garage needed, to actually work on constructing vehicles and aircraft. You will need both the 1 person as staff and the 50 people as man power in order to produce anything from a garage. Staffing will be adjusted through the Construct page, while manning will be adjusted through the Garage page. The image below shows the queue from the garage page where you assign workers to man your garages. The image in the Display section shows what the row for adjusting staffing looks like.

Garage page manning queue

Garage page construction focus assignment queue

When you get ready to assign vehicles for construction, make sure you have some garages fully staffed and manned and look below the manning queue to your construction focus queue. Select a vehicle type from the drop-down box and click "Update Focus." This will set your garages to build whatever vehicle type you selected for their focus. As long as you have the building supplies, manned garages, and CEP's to cover production costs, your garages will produce whatever they are assigned each turn. If you have a minting license, you will only be able to produce buses.

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Opening Requirements:

By researching Tracking and Marketing, level 1 basic research topics, to at least 10, you will open the ability to build your own garages.

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Garages cannot be improved through research.

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When you are constructing and running garages, you will have to keep track of your power supply, so that you do not build garages inactive.

You also need to watch your power supply once your garages are constructed. If your power supply is disrupted for some reason, your garages may be automatically cut off if the deficit is large enough. This means that you will not be able to produce any vehicles or aircraft.

Your garages must also be both fully manned and staffed in order to produce any form of transportation. If your garages are not manned and staffed, they will produce nothing.

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Garage row from the Your Camp's Buildings table on the Construct Screen

On the Construct screen you can keep track of the number of staffed garages. You can also staff or unstaff garages if needed. If your garages were shut off because of a lack of power, you will not be able to reactivate them until you have enough power to run them.

Your main displays for garages will be on the garage page. Here you will be able to see how many staffed garages you have, how many people are assigned as man power for production, and what your garages are assigned to produce. You can also change the manning of garages by typing in the number of people you want assigned for vehicle production in the text box and clicking "Send to Garages." The box under this will allow you to select the vehicle or aircraft type that you want your garages to produce.

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Special Considerations When Demolishing:

If you decide that you need to demolish a few (or all) of your garages, you will want to make sure that you don't want/need any more vehicles or aircraft. Without garages you cannot produce these. If you find this sort of transportation useless, feel free to demolish your garages. You must keep at least 1 garage if you want to access the Garage page.

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