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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Global Projects

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Cleaning the Air


There are times when people must put aside their differences long enough to work together towards a common end. In this world as in the real world, certain events, like natural disasters, fallout buildups, etc., may require your camp to pitch in and build certain structures or contribute to certain resource funds in order to help protect everyone from facing major death and destruction. Even though you are helping, you are never required to actually stop attacking other camps or competing for score, but you will be asked in some form or fashion to chip in a bit to protect your camp as well as the others. Currently the only global project that exists is a project to clean the air by building dusters.

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Cleaning the Air:

Atmospheric Strontium 90 Concentration

In the atmosphere of this post-apocalyptic world, there is a rising amount of fallout. No camp was at the epicenter of one of the nuclear strikes, but each turn the fallout spreads closer to each camp as the jet streams move and the camps expand. The amount of fallout in the air increases over time, causing more and more deaths as it approaches a fatal level of .76 mg/m3 when tens of thousands of people will begin dying every few days.

Fortunately, your camp can do something to help ease this rise. By building dusters you can help to collect the radioactive particles from the air and store them safely away. A single duster will only clean a few hundred millionths of a gram of the fallout out of the air each turn. This is where the project becomes global. As each camp opens the ability to build dusters and builds 10, 100, or even 1,000,000, depending on their ability to run them, they pitch in to the overall fallout cleanup with each turn ended, leading to a decreased rate of increase and even a total reversal, making the air as clean (if not cleaner) as it was before the apocalypse.

Once you have opened and constructed your weather station, you can keep track of the fallout concentration at the top right of your game screen. This display will show dust levels in either green, white, or red text, with green being safe levels, white being moderate levels, and red being dangerous levels.

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