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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Special Operations Defenses

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Defenses
III. Displays


The purpose of special ops defenses are to keep them from having much if any success during a raid on your camp. Keeping your defenses high will help to throw off the ops' timing and increase your chances of spotting them and killing them. At the very least, a good defense should mitigate the damage to a point where an ops mission can never have more than a 49% overall success rate, though their success on any of their target sets during the raid may be much greater than 49%. Remember, each time you successfully stop an ops mission, that success is added to the total needed for opening your second level missions.

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One of the primary things you can do to keep yourself protected from ops is to keep up your constructible defenses. You should keep plenty of wall coverage, lights on your buildings, manned guard posts, and barbed wire on the walls. If you can keep full coverage of all of these structures, you are guaranteed a defensive victory, though you still may suffer some losses. Of course, adding laser fencing to your walls will give you a major ops defense boost.

Your next major defense against ops will be research. High levels of research in Weapon Design, Military Tactics, Architecture (especially for protection against sabotage), and Ingenuity will help increase your chances of spotting the attacking ops and give your militia and ops a greater ability to kill them with fewer losses. Obviously an ops unit will be able to kill more militia than militia can kill ops in general, but this difference can be decreased if your research is high enough.

Your final defense against ops, and one of the primary things that will help to keep your losses down, are your militia and ops units. You will primarily be depending on your militia to keep you safe, though your ops may occasionally spot the attackers. Keep around plenty of extra militia and short ranged weapons to help capture and kill some of the ops before they can get back. If the ops are on an info gathering mission, killing all of them will actually prevent the attacking camp from finding out anything about you or your alliance. Obviously the other mission types cannot be completely stopped so easily. Be sure to keep up your military competency as this will give your ops a boost when they end up being the ones to take on the invading forces.

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There are multiple places that you should check to make sure that your camp is properly defended. Your primary page of interest will be your Infrastructure page. Here you can keep an eye on your wall and barbed wire coverage, your light coverage, and your guard post coverage. These details can help you remain covered as well as possible so that you are not left with holes in your defenses. You can also find out details about your wall coverage and guard post coverage by checking the left Infrastructure bar and the Defense page respectively.

Your Defense page will be important for keeping track of your militia as well. This is where you can check your current militia numbers and train or relieve them if needed. You can use this page to see how many of your militia are in guard posts and how many are available for other patrols. You will need plenty of extra militia to increase your chances of finding and killing invading ops. Your Barracks page will be useful for keeping track of the number of short range weapons that you have in storage. These will be the only weapons that your militia will be able to use to protect your camp.

Your own ops units will occasionally spot and attack the invading forces, with a much better ability to take out the invading ops with fewer casualties than your militia could accomplish. Use the Special Ops page to keep track of how many ops you have and the Classrooms page to check military competency and to train new ops units.

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