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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: The Survival Guide
by The O RLY Factor

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Soon enough, you'll notice that your camp is not merely struggling to survive, but is actually able to maintain itself. However, at this point you're going to be reaching an important milestone (and considerable speedbump) communications.

Navigation in a post-apocalyptic world is more than difficult. Ash and dust will hang in the sky for years to come, making usage of the celestial bodies considerably difficult and unpredictable. Combine this with the fact that the vast majority of the land is barren and unidentifiable wasteland, and it will be remarkably easy to get lost out in the wilderness.

Initial technology will only provide coverage for the first 5000 square miles or so. Beyond that, you will have to learn how to create a network of communications relays connected to a communications facility so that your explorers don't get lost.

Only problem is, these buildings require another resource: power. Yep, that's right, the old tin-can-and-5000-mile-long-string trick isn't going to cut it anymore; in order to keep your people from getting lost, those communications towers are going to need massive amounts of electricity powering them.

In other words, try not to pass 5,000 land until you're able to build both of the communications buildings AND power generators.

The recap:
-after your camp reaches 5,000 land, you will start to lose people when you recruit and explore.
-this can be prevented by building communications relays connected to a communications facility.
-however, these buildings require electricity to run.
-therefore, you will also need to be able to build generators.

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