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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: The Survival Guide
by The O RLY Factor

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Now what?

Now you've got electricity and an ever-expanding communications network that would put Verizon to shame. You're sending people out every turn to expand your empire and find new inhabitants to follow your banner. You're learning new technologies, and with the discovery of the factory, you're able to produce large amounts of buildings at a time, which allows you to plan ahead instead of reacting on a daily basis.

At this point the game really begins. You're finally on your own two feet and your camp is buzzing with life. Your citizens live in a place where they can be productive and keep their minds off of the harsh outside world. If you have not done so already, you will soon encounter other camps. Will you seek to profit from them, or with them?

This is where the Survival Guide will effectively end, as by this point it's no longer about survival. You've accomplished that goal. Now it's time to rebuild the nations of old, form new alliances, and rediscover the weapons of the old world.

I leave the topics of warcraft and strategy to you, and will wrap up with some pointers and things to look out for:

-Morale: Your people are happy to be alive and in a place that will protect them, but they are human, after all, and will still need to enjoy themselves. Providing medical facilities and areas for them to play and have fun will go a long way into placating the masses.

-CEP's: These are the currency of the new civilizations. You can use these to buy extra food and other supplies. If you are crafty enough, you can probably figure out a way to live completely off of CEP's.

-Read the manual. It's very detailed. While this might translate as "boring" to some of you, there's a goldmine of information in there, if you but look.

-Check out the player edited wiki. Numerous players have contributed their thoughts on good and bad strategies and basic paths that they have found to work well.

-Read the forums. There's a wealth of information in there from veteran players, and even from the occasional admin. The forums are also a great place to meet the other players and find people to make alliances with.

-Don't be afraid to experiment and learn. Worse comes to worse, there's always the next round...

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