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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: In-Game Help

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. The Prophet
III. Forums
IV. IRC Chat
V. Other Players
   A. Alliances
VI. Admins


The purpose of in-game help is to provide you with quick or even detailed answers to any uncertainties that you may have throughout the game. Whether this is asking a former player for strategies on building up quickly or finding out a quick explanation for a display on your screen, there are multiple ways to find answers to pretty much any question you have about the game. Of course, you can always open this manual at any time during gameplay by clicking the appropriate link on the bottom bar of your game screen.

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The Prophet:

Post-Apocalyptic Prophet

The Post-Apocalyptic Prophet is a sometimes sarcastic all-knowing being who wanders around from camp to camp offering to answer many of the primary questions that a camp leader might want to know about what is going on in this strange new world. Throughout the pages of the game, there are little question marks (?) that you can use to talk to the Prophet. These question marks will provide you with information in two ways, first the quick scroll-over notes that the Prophet has left for you and second by clicking the question mark for a face-to-face conversation with him. You will get a bit of basic information about the subject in question so that you can either go on or click to find out more, by holding your mouse over the question mark. You will need to click the question mark to get to more information, not the spot in the help pop up that says "Click for more". Once you take your mouse off of the question mark, the pop up box will go away, revealing the part of the screen that was previously covered.

Top Bar Comm and Waste  Displays

Mouseover Prophet Advice

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The forums are a primary spot where you can get in-game advice from other players and the game admins. There are four primary rooms in the forum, each with its own purpose. Most questions should be posted in the "Game Comments/Questions" section of the forums, unless they are just random chat or questions about the possibility of implementing an idea you have for the game. The forums are open to anyone with a question, and thus are not guaranteed to be perfectly squeaky clean, so enter at your own risk. We will edit/remove offensive posts if we get a genuine complaint or feel that such editing is required, but these complaints will be subject to certain standards. (If someone says crap in reference to waste, we are probably not going to remove them. If someone calls you an offensive name and is otherwise abusive, there is a much better chance of action being taken.) We have rated this game teen, but since it is LIVE, this rating may change during gameplay. Remember, you must validate your account (if you have a single-round account) before you can post in the forums.

Please, remember to report bugs through the reporting system. The link to this can be found on the bottom bar next to the end turn button. Bugs should NOT be reported through the forums, only through the system so that the admins can get the information needed about the issue.

    If you don't really like how something works, report it in the appropriate section and include at least one idea for how we can change it, but once again be nice. We like getting ideas for making the game more fun and competitive, but without possible alternatives we can't make changes as easily (or, if necessary, fully explain why things work the way they do. Trust me, there is a reason). Overall, if you're courteous, the people who reply will generally be as well.

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IRC Chat:

Though you are not guaranteed to find someone online at all times, you can use this feature to talk to someone live about the game or even go off topic. This is a great way to test theories with other camps and get immediate feedback. Because this is a public IRC channel, you can access this chat even if you are not logged into the game.

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Other Players:

Players from past rounds and even the current round are a great source of information and advice about getting started and growing quickly. You can get a variety of different strategies for gameplay from the people who play, some that you will like better than others. Of course, very few people are going to want to give up all of their secrets since they are still in competition with you, but most will be willing to give you a good deal of advice. You can get advice from other players through the forums, the chat, a private message, or an alliance. Remember, though, be courteous in any message, especially private ones. Don't pester someone incessantly, either.

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A great way to get advice from other players is to join an alliance. Some of the older players often offer extensive advice as a bonus for joining their alliance, while the newer players will share their experiences as they happen so that you can learn from each other. You must validate your account and have a comm facility before you can join an alliance, or even create your own.

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The game admins will be happy to answer questions during the round, though a reply from an admin may not be nearly as quick as one from another camp. The admins will change from round to round but your primary admins are going to be GameAdmin (Robert), NuPsiPhi (Richard), The O RLY Factor (or some variation, Zack) and Valhalla (Val). Check the news from the first day or so of the round to see the complete list. We will generally announce the list there. You can also check the Statistics pages. Admins will be listed in black.

We will be trolling the forums and will have a game screen open for most of the day so that we can check for new messages, but we do have to sleep and some of us have jobs that require us to log off, not to mention the fact that we may just be busy with some other task for more than 15 minutes and thus be shown as inactive. We will check back, though, so feel free to turn to us if needed. Generally, though, most of the answers to your questions can be answered in this manual, by another player, or through the forums, much more quickly than relying on a private message. If you have not validated and you need help, especially to get your validation code, you can e-mail any of the admins. GameAdmin and Valhalla will always have their e-mails displayed on their profile, which you can get to by clicking their name on the Statistics page. You can also send an e-mail to, the general admin e-mail catch-all.

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