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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Basic Camp Information

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Peoples Page
III. Infrastructure
IV. Statistics
V. Player Profiles


The main information pages in the game are there to provide you with basic details about your camp so that you can better prepare your daily activities around what you need. You will be able to check production rates, defense requirements, storage status, ranks, and even find out a few details about a camp through these pages. Each page has a great deal of important information that you will probably want to check at least occasionally.

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Peoples Page:

The Peoples page is useful for checking on production rates and morale statistics, some of the main things that will affect your population. This is also the page where you can change your rations and even cast people out of your camp if necessary. Overall, this is a useful page to help you judge construction and exploration needs for your basic resources.

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Your Infrastructure page will provide you in-depth information about some of your basic defense needs, waste and comm requirements, and storage and power status. While most of these can be seen to a certain extent throughout the rest of the game on certain parts of your game screen or on certain specific pages, this page will show you more information about each subject covered, giving you more information to work with.

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If you are curious about how you rank when compared the other players in the game, you can check out the Statistics page. You will immediately be taken to the page where your camp is listed and will be able to see the other camps around you, as well as the people in the top 5. You can flip through the pages to see what other camps you are competing against or look through some of the other statistics pages linked at the top. Profiles for each camp are also available through the Statistics page by simply clicking on the camp's name.

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Player Profiles:

If you want to set yourself apart slightly from the rest of the camps, you can edit your profile to reflect your personality by clicking the link on the bottom bar. You can select a flag, your gender, and even create a motto for your camp in your profile. Other camps can do the same. Their profiles can be accessed through the Statistics page by clicking on their name. Here you can see basic information about the person behind the camp and the camp itself, such as the camp's win/loss ratio and trophies they may have earned in previous rounds.

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