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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Advanced Research

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. How to Open Advanced Research
III. How to Research
   A. Research Topics
IV. Opening Advanced Weaponry
V. Research Bonus
VI. Limitations


Advanced levels of research open some not-so-basic capabilities for your camp. In order to be able to construct an advanced lab and access the Advanced Lab page, you must first be validated and then must meet certain basic research requirements. Once you can build advanced labs, though, you will be well on your way to building nukes, missiles, reactors, and even creating a space center. Once you have the ability to build advanced labs, do not demolish your standard labs. You will need these to continue researching a variety of topics past 5 and 10 to 30, 40, or even 70 for things like Econ and Mil Focus paths or mastery.

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How to Open Advanced Research:

The only way you will be able to do advanced level research is to open the ability to build advanced labs. You will open this ability by researching all first level basic research topics to at least 10 and all other topics to at least 5. As soon as you have met these requirements, you will have the option to build advanced labs in the Construct queue. If you have not validated your account by this point, you will be unable to build advanced labs or even see them as a possible building on the Construct screen.

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How to Research:

Advanced Research Table

Once you have built your first advanced lab, you will be able to go to the Advanced Lab page where you will assign research topics for your people to study. All of the advanced research topics will already be open for you to assign. Once you decide which topic you want to set first, you will click in the radial button beside that topic name and click Set Research. If you do not click Set Research, the topic your labs are assigned to research will not change.

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Research Topics:

There are two basic sets of research topics that your workers in your advanced labs will study, fission and rocketry. While no single topic by itself will provide you with any specific benefit, researching all of the topics in a single set or all of the topics in both sets to certain levels will open new abilities like constructing nukes or nuclear heating. Each of these topics will start at 0 and will increase much more slowly than your basic research topics, even with the same number of labs. The chart below shows the research topics and their intended purpose in giving you the ability to make nukes and other advanced weaponry. The fission research topics are in green, while the rocketry research topics are in gray.

Name Benefits
High Explosives Allows for explosives to be used in weaponry.
Uranium Extraction Allows for extraction of Uranium and other radioactive isotopes.
Isotope Gathering Allows for the collection, maintenance, and storage of optimal isotopes.
Subatomic Structure Constructs the mathematics of proper mass to energy conversion.
Reaction Stability Allows for atomic warheads to be produced and safely tested.
Propulsion Allows for the construction of prototype rockets and fuels for them.
Stability Allows for stability control for rocket accuracy.
Automated Trajectory Calculations Allows for computer controlled launch sequences and guidance.
Ballistics Allows for the construction of explosive charges and their warhead/impact integration.
Aerodynamics Helps to increase the accuracy and distance to finalize missile readiness.

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Opening Advanced Weaponry:

Advanced Research Goals Atomic Weapons

The first and most important thing you will open, score wise, through your advanced research is the ability to set the Nuke Path. You will open this ability once all of your rocketry and fission research has reached at least 5. After this you have many other weapons and abilities to open. At the bottom of your Advanced Lab page you will see a chart showing you the major, non-nuke goals that higher advanced research will help you meet.

Advanced Research Goals Unmet

Once you have completed a goal as listed in the chart at the bottom of the page, you will see a message in place of the previous level requirement showing you that you have achieved that goal.

Advanced Research Goals Met

The following is a list of the abilities that you can open through advanced research followed by their requirements.

Nuke Focus Building: All fission and rocketry research topics to 5
Building 1 Nuke:
All fission and rocketry research topics to 5
Building 2 Nukes: All fission and rocketry research topics to 10
Building 3 Nukes: All fission and rocketry research topics to 20
Building 4 Nukes: All fission and rocketry research topics to 30
Nuclear Heating: (no winter heating costs) All fission research to 20
Nuclear Power Production: (nuclear reactors) All fission research to 30
Patriot Missiles: All rocketry research to 20
Cruise Missiles: All rocketry research to 20
Space Program: All rocketry research to 30

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Research Bonus:

Just as with basic research, the only bonus you can get for researching is choosing Nerd at the beginning as your class. Choosing Popular will give a slight decrease in research speed.

Also, as with standard research, you may get the occasional research event which will give you and extra increase or decrease above your daily levels. These will only occur while you are actively researching in your labs.

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The primary limitation with advanced research is the fact that you cannot even build an advanced lab if you have not validated your account. In order to validate you just have to copy the number string from the e-mail that should have been sent to you when you signed up for the game (assuming you entered a valid e-mail) and paste it into the text box that shows up each time you log in. If you have not received this e-mail for whatever reason, send us an e-mail. We'll send you your validation code again, just be sure to enter your camp name in the e-mail so we can send you the right one. If you don't send us some way of identifying you, especially if you didn't enter an e-mail or misspelled it, we won't have any real ability to send you the validation code.

Choose your research order carefully, because each level of increase in research you achieve will cause the next level of any topic to be harder to reach. Also, as you get higher in research, it becomes harder to achieve that next level within that specific topic. Basically this means that if you have a 30 in Ballistics and a 5 in Propulsion, it will take longer to reach the next level of Ballistics research than it will for you to reach the next level of Propulsion research. Overall, though, your Propulsion research will go more slowly than your first few topics at the beginning would have with the same number of labs. This is due to the fact that as you get deeper into a topic, the new information will take longer to learn and fully implement into your camp.

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