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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Basic Research

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. How to Research
III. Research Topics
IV. Opening New Topics
V. Opening New Buildings and Abilities
VI. Important Combinations
VII. Research Bonus
VIII. Limitations
IX. Mastery


Basic research is the one of the main ways you will advance your camp from barely surviving to thriving and conquering all around you. Research is the only way you will every be able to produce anything more than food, train military units for attack and defense, and move forward to eventually be able to achieve masteries and open the focus paths. Research is a very important and time consuming part of the game. You will have to plan most of your research carefully as you advance through the game. Remember research is unlimited.

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How to Research:

In order to even open the Learn page, you will need to have at least 1 active laboratory. These are very expensive at the beginning of the game in both staffing costs and daily disposable costs, yet these buildings are the only way you will ever be able to produce your own disposables. Once you feel that you can afford to build labs and keep them running, you will go into the Learn page and click the circle beside the topic you want to research first. You will then click the "Set Research" button at the bottom of the page to update what your scientists will be researching.

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Research Topics:

Each of the research topics listed below will be available for research through your Learn page at some point. The first 10 listed in the green rows will be the initial research topics when you first build labs. These are considered your first level topics. The next topics in the gray rows are the second level topics. Each of these topics requires a specific combination of two of the first level topics to open. The last three topics in the purple rows are your third level topics. You will open these by researching a specific combination of three first and second level topics. The letter in parentheses by the starting values for the 1st ten topics refers to the class. Each character class will have certain topics above 1 at the beginning.

Starting Value
2(n), 1(p), 3(g), 1(s)
Increases your populations loyalty. Increases the efficiency of recreation facilities.
1(n), 1(p), 1(g), 2(s)
Increases food output from gardens!
1(n), 3(p), 2(g), 1(s)
Increases special ops training for missions.
1(n), 1(p), 1(g), 3(s)
Increases the efficiency and returns from exploration. Also used to open defensive structures and increase special ops ability to get inside buildings to complete missions. Increases your chances of predicting a mild storm.
1(n), 1(p), 1(g), 2(s)
Increases the probability of bringing back survivors after a recruiting mission. Improves fire pit production.
3(n), 1(p), 1(g), 1(s)
Increases the defense provided by your buildings and decreases the number of building supplies needed to protect your camp from storms. Also used to improve your defenses against special ops.
1(n), 2(p), 1(g), 1(s)
Increases the number of people who can live in each type of shelter.
1(n), 2(p), 1(g), 1(s)
Reduces the number of disposables required for daily living.
2(n), 1(p), 2(g), 1(s)
Decreases aid and merchant tax and increases the number of trades allowed on the CEP Exchange. Also increases the number of people that can be assigned to produce CEP's with a minting license and decreases salary costs.
Wall Strength
1(n), 1(p), 1(g), 1(s)
Increases the number of wall units that you can build at a time. .
Time Management
Allows for construction of Recreation Facility and Classroom and increases related efficiency. Allows for more turns to be used at a time and more comm relays to be constructed. Opens Daily Standing Orders.
Allows for construction of farms and increases related efficiency.
Power Generation
Allows for construction of Power Generators and increases related efficiency. Also increases the maximum number of people you can assign to construct nuclear reactors, missiles, and satellites.
Mechanical Engineering
Allows for construction of Factories and increases related efficiency.
Vehicle Transport
Allows for construction of Garage and increases the efficiency of buses as well as the number that can be sent out at a time.
Medical Technology
Reduces population losses due to radiation or injury and increases the capacity of medical facilities.
Spatial Logic
Increases the efficiency of storage huts and decreases the amount of buildings supplies needed to protect your camp from storms.
Allows for construction of communication facilities and relays and increases related efficiency.
Waste Management
Allows for construction of landfills and incinerators and increases related efficiency.
Recycler Prospecting
Allows for construction of Recycling Plant and increases related efficiency.
Weapon Design
Allows for production of various weapons. Also increases a camp's ability both offensively and defensively during special ops and army battles.
Military Tactics
Allows for multiple different offensive and defensive formations in battle. Also increases a camp's ability both offensively and defensively during special ops and army battles.
Food Preservation
Reduces the likelihood of losing food to rotting.

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Opening New Topics:

Certain topic combinations will allow you to open newer, more advanced topics for research. Both second and third level topics will not be open for research when you first open labs at the beginning. In order to open them you will have to research the combinations to the appropriate minimum level as shown below. The topic to open will be listed first followed by the topics needed to open it and the minimum levels those topics need to be at in parentheses beside.

Time Management: Recreation (10) and Marketing (10)
Domestication: Gardening (10) and Ingenuity (10)
Power Generation: Ingenuity (10) and Architecture (10)
Mechanical Engineering: Ingenuity (10) and Architecture (10)
Vehicle Transport: Tracking (10) and Marketing (10)
Medical Technology: Ingenuity (10) and Housing (10)
Spatial Logic: Recreation (10) and Architecture (10)
Communications: Tracking (10) and Marketing (10)
Waste Management: Recreation (10) and Recycling (10)
Recycler Prospecting: Architecture (10) and Recycling (10)
Weapon Design: Ingenuity (10), Architecture (10), and Mechanical Engineering (5)
Military Tactics: Coercion (10), Ingenuity (10), and Time Management (5)
Food Preservation: Gardening (10), Domestication (5), and Power Generation (5)

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Opening New Buildings and Abilities:

Though you will start the game with the ability to build 14 different buildings, you will be able to open more by researching certain combinations of research or certain single topics to a minimum specific level. There are also multiple advanced abilities that you will not be able to use until you have met certain research requirements. Below you will find a list of buildings and abilities that you will open through basic research. After the name of the building or ability, the research minimum requirements will be listed with the name(s) first and the levels beside the names in parentheses. For more information on attack, defense, ending turns, patriot missiles, cruise missiles, or daily standing orders please click the appropriate link.

Recycling Plants: Architecture (10) and Recycling (10)
Classroom: Recreation (10) and Marketing (10)
Barracks: Recreation (10) and Marketing (10)
Armories: Recreation (10) and Marketing (10)
Farm: Gardening (10) and Ingenuity (10)
Communications Facilities and Relays: Tracking (10) and Marketing (10)
Recreation Facilities: Recreation (10) and Marketing (10)
Small Generators: Ingenuity (10) and Architecture (10)
Large Generators: Power Generation (5)
Gas Generators: Power Generation (10)
Light Posts: Ingenuity (10) and Architecture (10)
Weather Stations: Ingenuity (10) and Architecture (10)
Factories: Ingenuity (10) and Architecture (10)
Dusters: Ingenuity (10) and Architecture (10)
Garages: Tracking (10) and Marketing (10)
Lots: Tracking (10) and Marketing (10)
Hangars: Tracking (10) and Marketing (10)
Buses: Tracking (10) and Marketing (10)
Armored Assault Vehicles: Mechanical Engineering (40) and Weapon Design (20)
Tanks: Mechanical Engineering (40) and Weapon Design (20)
Choppers: Mechanical Engineering (50) and Weapon Design (25)
Fighters: Mechanical Engineering (25) and Weapon Design (12)
Light Bombers: Mechanical Engineering (40) and Weapon Design (20)
Heavy Bombers: Mechanical Engineering (50) and Weapon Design (25)
Fuel Refineries: Tracking (10) and Marketing (10)
Medical Facilities: Ingenuity (10) and Housing (10)

Incinerators: Waste Management (5)
Advanced Labs: All first level research to at least 10 and all second and third level research to at least 5
Ending Up to 5 Turns: Time Management (5)
Flanking Maneuver Formation: Military Tactics (10)
Ranged Fire Primary Formation: Military Tactics (30)
Forward Concentration Defense: Military Tactics (10)
Pro-Active Defense: Military Tactics (30)
1st Level Weaponry: Weapon Design (10)
2nd Level Weaponry: Weapon Design (20)
Shock Pistol Weaponry: Weapon Design (40)
Rail Gun Weaponry: Weapon Design (50)
Heavy Weaponry: Weapon Design (50)
GPS Satellite: Communications (30)
Spy Satellite: Tracking (30)
Daily Standing Orders: A new order will be available with every 5 units of Time Management research starting at 10
Hairpin: Ingenuity (5)
Pillbox: Ingenuity (10)
Anti-Tank Cannon: Ingenuity (30)
AA Gun: Ingenuity (40)
2nd Level Ops Missions (Ops Command Center): Coercion (30), Military Tactics (20), and Ingenuity (30) along with 10 successful ops missions (attacking or defending)
Economy Focus Building: Marketing (40) and Architecture (40)
Military Focus Building: Weapon Design (40) and Military Tactics (40)

Light Mech: Mechanical Engineering (40) and Weapon Design (20) (must also have Military Focus)
Medium Mech: Mechanical Engineering (50) and Weapon Design (25)
(must also have Military Focus)
Heavy Mech: Mechanical Engineering (75) and Weapon Design (37)
(must also have Military Focus)

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Important Combinations:

The following is a list of some of your most important combinations and levels to remember. They will be listed with the research needed first and what is opened after the yield sign (->).

Architecture (10) + Recycling (10) -> Recycling Plants
Ingenuity (10) + Architecture (10) -> Factories, Power Generation, and Small Generators
Tracking (10) + Marketing (10) -> Communications Facilities and Relays
Recreation (10) + Marketing (10) -> Classrooms and Barracks

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Research Bonus:

If you set your class as Nerd when you sign up for the game, you will get a speed bonus when researching. This basically means that you will be able to increase your research levels faster than anyone else. If you set your class as Popular, you will take a hit in researching, having the slowest speed of any class. Obviously, if you increase the number of staffed labs you have, you will increase the speed of your research.

You may also occasionally get random research events that will cause an extra jump or even a decrease in your research. These events will occur at random intervals any time that you are researching.

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Choose your research order carefully, because each level of increase in research you achieve will cause the next level of any topic to be harder to reach. Also, as you get higher in research, it becomes harder to achieve that next level within that specific topic. Basically this means that if you have a 70 in Ingenuity and a 10 in Communications, it will take longer to reach the next level of Ingenuity research than it will for you to reach the next level of Communications research. Overall, though, your Communications research will go more slowly than your first few topics at the beginning would have with the same number of labs. This is due to the fact that as you get deeper into a topic, the new information will take longer to learn and fully implement into your camp.

Returns on research will vary from day to day due to many factors other than total research. The number of labs you have will increase the amount of research that you can do, but there is also an aspect of randomness. You are never guaranteed the same amount of returns from day to day with the same number of labs. You might get more or get less, but you will always get some.

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By researching any of the 1st or 2nd level topics to 70, you will open a special ability pertaining to that topic. These abilities range from unlimited power to the ability to store more than 400 turns. Mastery takes a great deal of time to accomplish, and you will only really be able to gain 1 or 2 masteries in a single round. For more information on mastery and what you can open, please see the Mastery page.

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