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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Camp Leader's Lounge

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Location
III. Lounge Display
   A. IRC Chat
   B. SG Explorers


The Camp Leader's Lounge is a place where you can go and hang out when you are playing. Whether you need to eke out a few extra CEP or just want to spend some time while you wait for a few more turns to store up, the lounge is a great place to visit. You can chat with other camps over our own IRC channel or play a mini-game for rank and resources.

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Camp Leader's Lounge Link

You will find the link to the lounge on the left side of your game screen. The button pictured above will open the lounge in the middle of your game screen just like any other page.

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Lounge Display:

Camp Leader's Lounge Update Tools

When you first arrive in the lounge, the only things that will be displayed are the selection tools for opening the part of the lounge that you want to use. Depending on which of the features you want to use, you will first want to click beside the name of that feature to select it. Once you have selected the feature, click the "Update Lounge Display" button to have that feature open beneath the button. The IRC chat uses Java to run and the mini-game uses Flash, so if you do not have the appropriate plug-ins, you may be prompted to update them when you try to open and run each of the features. You can open both the chat and the mini-game at the same time, the chat will just open on top of the mini-game.

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IRC Chat:

Camp Leader's Lounge IRC Chat

If you are in the mood to chat with other players of the game, you can use the IRC chat program in the lounge. Once you update the page to show the chat, you will be logged in as SGTG_Camp Name. This will identify you as a player of the game versus someone who logs in through another IRC program since our channel is public. If you want to access the chat from some other location, our channel is on, channel #Survival-Guide.

Feel free to log in and chat anytime you want to. If you are unfamiliar with chatting on an IRC channel, just type your message in the white bar below the main display and hit enter. This will send your message to the chat. Other than that, just remember that the same rules apply to the chat as the game and have fun.

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SG Explorers:

Camp Leader's Lounge SG Explorers

If you want to waste a little time while waiting on a few turns to store up or if you just want to earn a few extra resources, CEP, or even a survivor or two, then try out our first mini-game. This Flash game will allow you to walk around as one of your explorers finding resources for your camp. Using the arrow keys you will guide your explorer through mazes and random maps picking up whatever resources you can. You will have to avoid spikes, shooting fire, holes, water, radiation, and breaking floor tiles. Anything that you find in the mini-game will be awarded to your camp as soon as you click to a new page. You will only be awarded the resources that you pick up from a map that you finish. Camps will be ranked according to highest number of resources found and the top five will be displayed above the game.

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