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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: DailyWheel Member Accounts

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Account Benefits
III. Signing Up for an Account
IV. Linking and Reserving a Camp Name
   A. Signing Up for Future Rounds
V. The Member's Section


DailyWheel accounts are permanent accounts that are used to help connect the various projects and visitors to Hartley's sites. These accounts are free, easy to sign up for, and provide numerous benefits for those with accounts. Since the game databases are wiped after each round, one of the primary benefits of having a member account is the fact that it will exist until you ask us to remove it or unless you had no activity (including game) for too long (think more on the terms of a couple of years). The rest of the information on this page will give you more details on the benefits of having a member account, how to sign up for one, link a game account, and a quick peak at the Members' section.

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Account Benefits:

There are numerous benefits to creating a DailyWheel account. First of all, like the game, they are free. They also include:

  • Access to a permanent blog and forum section: The main forums and blogs do not get wiped between rounds like the in-game forums and are thus a great place to share your thoughts between rounds or that are not necessarily round dependent. This also provides a place where you can discuss non-game related topics.
  • Ability to post interesting news and Internet fads on Mo-Betta: Signing up for this account also give you access to the Internet news and fad site created by our crew, Mo-Betta, where you can share interesting tidbits, stories, or sites that you stumble across while moving through the web.
  • Update notices and a messaging system for members: Quick notices about new news, Reinventing the Wheel or Survival Guide to the Apocalypse updates, new forums posts, and new Mo-Betta posts and columns can be found on the Members' Main page. You will also have a way to send and receive private messages to and from other DailyWheel members.
  • The ability to link and reserve up to 5 camp names: You can link a current camp name to reserve it for future use and if you like to change names you can link others as well, up to 5 total. Eventually you will be able to link or sign up for future games using this same account.
  • The ability to keep trophies earned between rounds: Because the game's databases are wiped between rounds there is only one way to keep your trophies from one round to the next, linking your camp name, and thus your trophies earned, to a persistent DailyWheel account. You will be able to view all trophies you earn in this game and others through the members' section and view those earned by other members.
  • Ability to rollover unused game credits to new rounds: Once again, because DailyWheel accounts are permanent, you will be able to keep unused game credits after the round ends so that you can use them in future rounds. Spies, scribes, and CEP do not and will not rollover. Those must be repurchased each round.
  • One click login to the game for linked accounts: As long as you are logged in to DailyWheel, you can click one link on the game's login page (or the Members' Main page) and be automatically logged into the game without having to go through the login successful screen first or entering your login and password manually.
  • No need to validate your account when you sign up for new rounds: Because your DailyWheel account is validated separately, as long as you are logged into that account when you sign up for a new round, you will not have to validate. Instead you can play unhindered.
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Signing Up for an Account:

DailyWheel Member's section sign up/sign in screen

Accounts are free and easy to sign up for. To get to the signup page quickly, you can click here or go to the game's login screen and click "Sign Up" on the light blue bar at the top of the page. Fill in a username, password, and e-mail, re-entering the password and e-mail for verification and click "Submit." This will sign you up and send a validation e-mail your way. As with the validation e-mails sent by the game, be sure to check your spam box in case it was sent there. Unlike the game validation process, you won't enter a code that you receive in the e-mail, instead just click the link in the e-mail to verify that the e-mail you entered is valid. Once you've done this, you will have full access to all of the features of a DailyWheel member account. Be sure to check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before you sign up, since signing up acts as your agreement to abide by these.

Once you have signed up and validated, you will remain logged in on the computer you signed up on unless you log out manually or sign in on another computer. When you do log out, you will be returned to the sign in/sign up screen. When you decide to log back in, you will be able to return to whatever page you last visited on the DailyWheel site by clicking a link just below the login successful message.

If you are having trouble validating or have forgotten your password, e-mail for assistance. If you're asking for password assistance, be sure to use the e-mail you signed up with.

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Linking and Reserving a Camp Name:

Member's Main Dust Settles linking options

Once you have signed up for and validated your DailyWheel account, you can link your current camp name and login so that it will be reserved for you for future rounds. This allows you to log in a little later than the start if needed and not worry about someone else grabbing your name first. Unless you really want to, you do not have to unlink a camp name if you want to add a new one.

Member's box for login, signup, and linking

To link a current camp name, either visit the Member's Main page and look at the box at the bottom left of the page listing any currently reserved names and click the "Link Existing Camp Now!" link. You can also use the tools in the members box on the game's login screen to link an existing camp. (If you don't already have a game account, you can use these two spots to create a camp that will be linked to your DailyWheel account at the same time.) You will be taken to a page similar to the one below. Enter in the camp name and the login name and password associated with it and click "Link that Camp!" to link your camp to your DailyWheel account. Remember, when you link a camp name, the login name is linked as well, so you will have to come up with other login names if you want to create a new camp name in a different round. Once you have clicked to link the account, you will gain the benefits related to this, like rollover credits, one-click login, and keeping earned trophies. The one-click login option will appear on the game's login screen in the blue member's box. Just click the camp name to be immediately logged in.

Member's Section options for linking an existing camp name to a DailyWheel account

Once a round has ended, your current SGDS account will be wiped from that database, though your DailyWheel account (and the linked camp name) will live on. When you come back for a new round, you will have to sign up again (since you must choose terrain and the like during sign-up) but the process will be quicker. See the next section for more details. If you ever decide that you are tired of a linked camp name or you want to make room for new names, you can unlink a name using the options on the Member's Main page. Click the "UnLink a Camp" link to be taken to a page with a list of your currently linked camps. Click the "UnLink Camp" button beside the name(s) you want to remove from your reserved list to place those names back into public use. As long as the name isn't currently being used or linked by another player, you can relink the name at any time by creating a camp with the name and relinking it.

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Signing Up for Future Rounds:

Signup screen when logged into your DailyWheel account with an linked camp name and login

Once you have linked a camp name to your DailyWheel account that name will be reserved for your use in later rounds. Your camp information in the SGDS database will be wiped between rounds with only the information linked to your DailyWheel account remaining. Once you get ready to sign up again, make sure you are logged into your DailyWheel account. If you're not sure, check the members' bar at the top of the game's login page to see if it greets you with your DailyWheel account's login name. If you don't see this, click to sign in.

Signup screen option for linking a camp name to your DailyWheel account

As long as you are properly signed into your DailyWheel account, click to sign up for the new round. This will take you to a slightly modified login screen. Your linked login and camp names will be listed under the appropriate entry boxes and the e-mail address associated with your DailyWheel account will already be entered. You will just need to type in the names you want to use (whether old or new) and the password. Passwords are not linked to the DailyWheel account like camp and login names so you can keep the same or change to a new one at your discretion. The class and terrain choice will be the same as before and then you will see a small message beside a check box where you can select whether or not you want to link the name to your DailyWheel account. This is only useful if you are signing up with a new name. Once you click to submit the information, you will be finished. You also won't have to validate your account for the round.

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The Member's Section:

Member's Main page screenshot

The Member's Section is where you will access most of the benefits associated with your DailyWheel account. Some of these pages will not be visible if you do not have or are not signed in to a DailyWheel account. The blogs and forums are visible to non-members, but not available for use. First you have the Member's Main page. Here you will be able to see your recent blog activity, any private messages you have received, a link for sending private messages, the account linking options, update notices, and a button for creating a new blog. Sending a private message through this system is like sending a private message in-game. Just click "Compose New Message," select the recipient, and click send. You can also reply to messages received from other members by viewing a message they sent you and clicking "Reply." This will send you to a similar screen with that member already selected. If you have received a new message, you will see a small envelope icon beside your name on the top member's bar. Click the envelope to be taken right to Member's Main so you can view any and all messages that you've received. Each of the update notices is a link to the appropriate page to view those notices. They will update each time you become active after being inactive (not clicking) for 2 hours.

Screenshot of the Member's blog section

The Member's Blogs section will have a paginated list of all blogs created by DailyWheel members. These blogs will be listed in order of most recent activity to least recent. Click on the name of the blog to read the blog itself or the name of the author (or latest member to reply) to view his/her profile. Blogs will be displayed with the text of the blog on the right and the profile of the member who wrote the blog on the left. Comments on the blog are listed at the bottom with the text box for adding your own. If you want to create your own blog, click the "Big Blue Create a New Blog Button" on the Member's Main page or just go to your profile. Enter in the title, select the subject, and enter in the text of the blog. You can use general HTML for your blogs to bold or italicize parts of text, link to other sites, or even to include images. Your only limits will be an inability to use form tags or JavaScript. Comments will be limited to standard bulletin board style allowances.

Through the Member's area, you will also be able to access the Members List. This will show all validated members, listed in order of most recent to least recent activity. Click on the name of a member to be taken immediately to their profile. To view your own profile, you can click your name from the members list, a previous blog or comment, or by clicking the "Account & Profile" link at the top of the member's section.

Screenshot of the top half of the DailyWheel Member's account and profile section

When viewing your own profile or the profile of another member, you will see the same basic displays, with only a couple of changes between, primarily the loss of entry fields in profiles that are not your own. The upper half of a member's profile will look something like the image above, with the person's linked image (if one is linked) displayed first followed by information about that member. Below this is a summary of the member's activity on Mo-Betta and in the blogs. To the right of this will be seen a clip of each of the blogs that the member has made. The information that can be entered about a member is the member's name (which can be kept anonymous even if entered), their age (entered as date of birth by the member, but only displayed as age for others), their sex, occupation, country, when they joined, and a signature. You can edit any of these fields on your own profile other than your join date and you can leave any of them blank that you want. Once you have edited what you want, click "Update User Info" to have the information entered shown to all other members. (Quick note: the red text below the entry boxes in the image are just to signify that the account pictured belongs to an admin.) On your own profile you will also have an entry box above the clips of your previous blogs for writing a new one. Click on the name of a previous blog to view it and/or edit it.

On the bottom half of the profile page, you will be able to see any trophies earned by the member you are viewing and a possible message explaining who they are, what they do, etc. If you're viewing your own profile, this box will be followed by an entry box where you can edit what you want displayed as your custom profile. In this box also, you can use some HTML to provide links to your own projects, websites, etc. or to add formatting to what you have entered. Once you have completed your entry, click the "Update your custom profile" button to submit the new text. You will be able to see the results immediately above the entry box so you can make sure everything looks right.

Screenshot of the lower half of the DailyWheel Member's account and profile section

The member's forums work the same way as the in-game forums. The only real difference is the fact that you will be seen by your DailyWheel account name instead of your SGDS camp name and will have different rooms to talk in. Feel free to talk about whatever you want within reason and within the scope of what the room is supposed to cover.

DailyWheel Main Forums

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