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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Merchant Shops

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Purpose- Below you will find an overview of the purpose the merchant system serves.
Page 1: Buying from a Merchant Shop- Here you can find details about how to find a shop or desired item and how to purchase or order something from a chosen shop.
Page 2: Opening Your Own Shop- This explains buying a business license and the taxes you will be responsible for as a business owner.
Page 3: Business Basics- This page explains how to set up some of the basic information about your shop, like its name, standard rates, etc.
Page 4: Inventory Management- On this page you will find out how to move things into your shop storage and set up basic item bundles.
Page 5: Packages- Here you will see how to set up a package and how packages work once created.
Page 6: Bills- This page will explain both how you can set up bills as a shop owner and how you can pay bills as a customer.


Merchant Camp LinksThe NEC trade market has numerous benefits and just as many penalties. You aren't in control of the items yourself; you cannot remove them or change their price at will. You are restricted from selling to allies or buying back from yourself, on the normal market.

However, you have no land or storage requirements or maintenance costs.

The Merchant System allows you to take on the burden of storage and taxes in order to gain more options for your sales. Options like allow/disallow lists, sales records, package deal creation, bill creation, and the abilities to change quantity and price or even sell to allies. Yes, mechs included. You will be able to sell anything through the merchant system that you can through the trade market. Items like buses, land, power, and people cannot be sold through this system.

The system is searchable in a similar way to the trade market. A customer may also go directly to a store. There are no wagons, you purchase direct. To begin shopping click the "Search Merchant" link on the right-hand side of your screen.

Before business licenses become available, you must persevere through 500 turns. One must be established before commerce can commence, or else one will have to simply rely on the more established NEC for trades. If you want to open a shop of your own and you have ended 500 turns, click the "Manage Your Own" link in the Merchant Camps box to get started.

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