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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Private Messages

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Notifications
III. Composing a New Message
IV. Reading a Message
   A. Marking a Message Read or Unread
   B. Deleting a Message
V. Replying to a Message


In-game messages are the way you can communicate privately with other camps. Whether you want to discuss strategy away from the public view of the forums or just chat with a friend, these allow you to talk without interference. You will not be able to send any in-game messages if you have not validated your account, even to an admin. If you are having validation problems, e-mail an admin, primarily through As long as your account has been validated you can message anyone in the game that you want to at any time, just remember not to spam the system or harass another player. The admins can and will check if they receive reports of harassment and this could lead to your account being banned, if necessary. Note: you will not be able to see previously sent messages without a scribe.

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Right Bar Message Notifier Anytime you get a new in-game message, you will receive a notice at the top of the right-hand column. This notifier will tell you how many new messages you have received. If you want to read those messages, click the notice to go to your mailbox and then click the message of your choice. Once you have read the message(s), the notice at the top will display 0 unread messages.

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Composing a New Message:

Bottom Bar Messengers Links If you want to send a message to another camp, you can do that in one of three ways. First you can click the "Send Mail" link in the bottom bar to be taken directly to the form used to type and send your message. You can also click the "Compose New Message" link in the main part of your mailbox to be taken to the same form. Finally, you can click "Reply" under a previous message to compose a message to that person.

Once you are in the form for composing a message you will want to select the camp you want to message from the selection list. Once you've highlighted the person you want, the camp name will show up on the right under "Selected". You can add multiple people to your selected list by using Ctrl or Shift when clicking names. In the box below, type in your message. If you've set a motto in your camp profile, it will already be added as your signature. You can remove it if you'd like. After you have finished typing your message, click "Send." If you send the message without choosing a recipient, you will be taken back to the main message center screen, your message will be lost and unsent, and you will receive a message reminding you that you should choose a recipient.

New Message Form

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Reading a Message:

In-Game Mail Box

Anytime you want to read a message, new or old, you can click the message notifier on the right or the "Mailbox" link at the bottom of the page. If you have a new message it will be highlighted and listed above the View message selection box. You can click the link for that message to read it or you can select a message from the drop-down box and click "now" to view an older message. Above the View message box, you will be able to see how many messages you have sent that haven't been read yet and how many total messages you have stored.

At times you may receive a system generated message. These are merely messages for your camp that are generated automatically as the result of some action, such as your camp receiving aid. These messages will be separated from your other messages and will make note of the fact that it was a message sent by the system and not by another player or admin.

Example of an In-Game Mail Received Message

Once you've opened a message to read it you will see something like the message above. The top, lighter gray bar will show the message number and give you the option to delete the message or mark it as unread. The darker gray box will contain who sent the message, when the message was sent, and the message itself. Below this you will have options for returning to the main mailbox or replying directly to that message.

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Marking a Message Read or Unread:

As you are looking through your mailbox, you may decide to mark a message read or unread. The easiest way to mark a message read is to just open it. Once you've clicked to read the message it will automatically be marked as read and will no longer appear above the message selection drop-down. If you have a large group of messages that you want to mark read without having to open each one (say a large number of system messages), you will see a "(Mark All Read)" link under your unread messages and above the drop-down. Clicking this will mark ALL of your currently unread messages as read, so make sure that you have looked at the messages that are important. If you ever need to keep a message unread, just view the message and click the "(Mark Unread)" link in black on the top gray bar of the message. This will move the message back to the front of the message center and will add that back to your message notifier.

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Deleting a Message:

Because not all messages are important, you have the option of deleting old messages. To delete a message, open it as if to read it and click the black "(Delete)" link on the top gray bar. This message will be removed from your drop-down selection box, though it will still be available through your scribe if you purchase one.

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Replying to a Message:

If you want to reply directly to a message, all you need to do is open the message you wan to reply to and click "Reply" below the message. This will take you to the form where you will type in your message with the camp that you are replying to already selected. Once you have typed your message, click "Send" and your message will be sent to the camp you wanted to reply to.

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