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Survival Guide - Dust Settles' Main Screen: Mid-Screen Display

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Reminder Icons
III. Camp Display
IV. Yesterday's Results
V. Summary of Citizens
VI. Latest Offensive Attack Results
VII. Latest Defensive Attack Results
VIII. Mid-Page Announcements


The middle part of the main screen is where your daily end turn results, a small representation of your camp, and certain important announcements can be found at any time during gameplay. The information, tools, etc. for all other game pages, excepting the forums and a couple of other parts that will open in separate windows, will open in this part of the screen.

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Reminder Icons:

Shared Mastery reminder iconWaste Warning IconMinting Reminder IconUnstaffed or Inactive Buildings reminder iconMessengers Assigned Reminder iconNo Messengers Assigned Reminder Icon

In the space in between the last row of the top bar and the main table for the mid-section, you may see an icon or two. These icons are meant to act as simple little warnings or reminders of specific things happening in your camp that may affect certain things that you do. The first icon pictured above will appear whenever you are in an alliance with a shared mastery. The second icon will show up when your waste buildup is becoming high to help remind you to build more incinerators or landfills before you reach overflow. The next icon will be seen if you have a minting license to remind you that you have the ability to make your own money but are also restricted from making offensive weaponry and vehicles. The fourth image will appear whenever you have buildings that are inactive, whether from lack of power or staffing. This can help you keep track of relays, lights, dusters, and other buildings that may get built without being activated or may be unstaffed due to some sudden lack of resources. Finally, the last two images are messenger related. Because keeping up with whether or not you have messengers assigned is not always easy, you will see one of two images every turn. The blue envelope will remind you that you currently have messengers assigned, while the red envelope will signify that you have no messengers assigned. You can hold your mouse over each icon to get a quick reminder of what it means for your camp. Each of these icons links to an appropriate page for making adjustments.

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Camp Display:

Mid Page Starting Camp Map
Mid Page Later Camp Map

Because any camp leader likes to keep at least some sort of visual representation of their camp within easy view, you will find a small map at the top of the main page's midsection. At the beginning of the game your map will look like the top image with only the single little shelter 1 sitting among your land. Later in the game, your map could begin to build up as much as the second one. Each new building type that you construct (except for fire pits, guard towers, and a few other buildings) will have a representative image show up on the screen. You will only see one building image for each building type.

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Yesterday's Results:

Mid-Page Initial End Turn Report
Mid-Page Later End Turn Results

After you have initially ended your turn, your results from the previous day will be displayed above the top bar on the main screen. Once you click to another page, this information will be sent to the middle of the main page beneath your second-in-commands message. The first time you log in, your "Yesterday's Results" will only show the above message. You are starting the day after the dust settled from the apocalypse (the initial dust and commotion, not the dust and ash thrown into the atmosphere by the nukes and natural disasters), so there's really very little to report as far as what your camp accomplished. As you move on through the game, your results will begin to look more like the second image, though differences will occur.

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Summary of Citizens:

Mid-Page Citizen Summary Table

Because having a chart showing all of the people who are leaving the confines of your camp on any given day is always useful, you have a chart on the main page showing you details about your explorers, recruiters, and army. On this chart you will be able to see the basic details about numbers sent, when they were sent, when they are returning, what the explorers are looking for, and who your army is attacking, all in one spot.

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Latest Offensive Attack Results:

A camp needs to keep track of the last offensive attack they performed so that they can plan for their next attack. That may mean concentrating on specific research, training more troops, or trying a different attack style. Whatever you end up doing as prep, you will be able to see the results of your last offensive battle just below the "Yesterday's Results" display. You will only see this display if you have attacked another camp.

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Latest Defensive Attack Results:

The last time your camp was attacked will also be displayed on the main page. Just beneath the "Latest Offensive Attack Results" you will be able to see the results from the last time someone attacked you. If you have never been attacked, you will not see this display.

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Mid-Page Announcements:

Because certain things that affect your camp are so important that they can affect every thing that you do for 90 turns or more, there will be certain announcements that will appear under your second's typical morning message. The first set of announcements will be an announcement in the fall to let you know of the upcoming building supply cost in winter and to remind you of this cost when you are in winter. Once you have enabled nuclear heating, you will get a different message reminding you of this.

Mid-Page Fall Reminder Message
Mid-Page Winter Cost Reminder
Mid-Page Winter Nuclear Heating Message

Before you will ever see any of these messages, though, you will first see the message reminding you of the fact that until your camp has 1,000 units of land, you will be in anonymity. Once you are out of anonymity, this message will go away and nothing will replace it.

Mid-Page Anonymity Reminder

The final message set you will see will begin at turn 800. This is the message alerting you of your people's desire to be paid. You will first get a warning about this fact at 800 turns and then at turn 1,000 the message will change to a shorter message with a form that lets you select how much to pay your people.

Mid-Page Salary Demand Warning
Mid-Page Payment Form

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