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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: CEP Minting

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Purchasing a License
   A. Limitations
   B. Improvements
III. Canceling Your License
IV. Minting Options
V. Minting Actions


Making your own CEP is very useful in this post-apocalyptic world. CEPs are required for so many different parts of daily life that having the opportunity to make some in camp instead of gaining them all through trade can be very appealing. You will have a number of limitations related to purchasing a license, but this can give you the extra CEPs you need to help cover the many costs of running your camp.

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Purchasing a License:

If you have 2,500 CEPs it might be worth it to invest in a minting license from the Neutral Exchange Camp. This will provide you the ability to staff up to twice your current Marketing research for production of CEPs each day. Each CEP will cost 1 building supply to produce and each person can produce 15 CEPs per day. When you purchase a license you must also give up your ability to produce offensive weaponry. This can be a high cost, but a good alliance or the Trade Market can help you build up some reserves for battle.

Minting License reminder icon When you purchase a minting license, this little icon will appear on your screen just above the mid-screen section of your game screen. This will act as a reminder that you have a license as you move through the game.

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You are very limited in the amount of CEPs that you can make with a minting license. The Neutral Exchange Camp isn't going to want the market flooded with massive amounts of CEPs or the coins will be worth nothing. So part of your license contains the limit of the number of people that can be assigned to work on CEPs. The number of people that you can assign to your minting facility is equal to 2 times your Marketing research. If this happens to not be an integer, this number will be rounded down to the nearest integer, i.e. a 2.5 in Marketing means you can staff 5 people, but a 2.4 means you can staff 4.

Creating CEPs is going to cost your camp building supplies. You can make as many CEPs per day as possible, as long as you have enough supplies. If you don't have enough supplies, the CEPs will not be minted that turn.

Finally, part of your agreement when purchasing the minting license is that you cannot produce your own offensive weaponry. This means that you will not be able to produce bows, rifles, rail guns, AAV's, tanks, choppers, fighters, bombers, or cruise missiles. You will still be able to produce all defensive structures, short range and heavy weapons, nukes, and patriot missiles. The license agreement does not restrict you from receiving weapons through aid or trade, though.

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You can increase the number of people that you can assign for minting by researching Marketing. You can assign workers to mint equal to 2 times your current research.

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Canceling Your License:

If you decide that you no longer want to mint the CEPs yourself for whatever reason, you can sell your license back to the Neutral Exchange Camp for a refund of 1,000 CEPs. You can buy and sell a minting license as many times as you want with no penalty other than the decreased refund.

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Minting Options:

This selection can be found on the right-hand side of your screen, in the panel with the other Neutral Exchange Camp features. This is where you can purchase and sell your minting license. Click the button to buy a license to get started minting your own CEPs. You need to have at least 1 messenger assigned before you can access this feature.

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Minting Actions:

This page will allow you to assign up to the maximum number of people that you are allowed for minting. The number that you can assign is listed just above the text box so that you don't have to guess or constantly recheck. Once you update the number of people assigned, the production rate and daily supplies cost will be updated to reflect the new number of mint workers. If you get into a bind you can, of course, unassign the workers on this page as well.

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