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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Common Exchange Pieces (CEPs)

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Uses
III. Production
IV. Trade
V. Storage
VI. Deficits


One of the first things that the Neutral Exchange Camp did to help out the camps that were emerging from the rubble of the apocalypse was to create a common currency that could be used as a standard of exchange among the camps. These Common Exchange Pieces can be acquired in multiple ways and can even be made by your camp if you want to invest in a minting license. CEPs will be required for most of the trading functions hosted by the Neutral Exchange Camp.

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CEPs will be used for many things throughout the game. They will be used to buy things from the Neutral Exchange Camp and other camps in the many trade features the Neutral Exchange Camp offers. CEPs are required for the production of third level weapons. You will also use CEPs to pay your people when they begin to demand payment for their work. Overall they are a useful resource to keep around for reasons of building up stored resources, keeping up morale, and producing rail guns and shock pistols.

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Minting License reminder iconIf you would like to produce CEP for your camp, you can gain it for future use through trade features like the AutoExchange or CEP Exchange or you can mint it yourself. For the price of 2,500 CEP, you can purchase a minting license from the Neutral Exchange Camp and receive the ability to make CEP yourself. You will have to provide the building supplies necessary to be pressed into the coins as well as the workers and a facility for minting, but the original die will be provided by the exchange camp. You will only be able to staff as many people to your minting facilities as your current Marketing research times 2. So if your research is at 5, you can staff 10 people in your mint, if 2.5, you can staff 5, and if 2.4, you can staff 4. Either of these can be very useful at the beginning of the game when finding some of the most basic resources can be difficult and later on when you are paying your population. You will also find some CEP through exploration occasionally and can purchase CEP. When you purchase a license, the icon above will appear to remind you of this, just above the main part of the middle of your screen.

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CEP will be the only way you can trade in most of the markets and exchanges hosted by the Neutral Exchange Camp. The CEP Exchange is purely for trading in basic resources for CEP. The AutoExchange can be used to trade resources for CEP or CEP for resources, whichever you need at the time. The Trade Market requires that you have CEP to buy whatever you want to from the stocks available. Anything you set for sale on the Market will net you CEP in return. You will use CEP to purchase item bundles and packages from merchant camps, and if you are a merchant you will receive CEP for your wares.

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Topbar CEP counter

You will not have the traditional storage for CEP, helping to mitigate the worry about running out of storage. Instead your CEP will be stored elsewhere in safe spots throughout your camp, though special ops can be sent to raid your camp and possibly steal some of your stored CEP. Your total CEP will be shown on your top bar below your Waste Buildup display.

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If you do not have enough CEP to take care of all of the actions assigned that require CEP when you end a turn, your trade, weapons production, and wages will not take place appropriately. Your weapons production will be the first thing to be affected by a lack of CEP. If you don't have enough CEP, the weapons that you have assigned will not be built that turn if they have a CEP cost. The last thing that will be canceled for the turn if you have a CEP deficit is AutoExchange. Now, if you have a large AutoExchange set up, say 5,000 CEP for X resource and you only have 3,500 CEP that turn, the AutoExchange will still be run, but with only the CEP that you have. Any of these things being canceled that turn could have serious detrimental effects on your camp, from being unable to restock your weapons storage after a round of battles to not being able to pay or feed your people.

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