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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Message of the Day (MotD)

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Standard MotDs
III. Warning MotDs


Messages of the day are quick informative blips of news and information that we use to give you important information or reminders in a slightly more noticeable manner than standard news can be at times. These messages will appear on your game screen on every page just above the mid section.

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Standard MotDs:

Standard Message of the Day

These messages of the day are for normal announcements and reminders that range from reminders about saving your camp name to little humorous blurbs here and there that an admin might want to say. As soon as one of these is put up, you will see it just above the middle section of your screen (where all the pages load after you click a link). An image of the admin who posted the message will be seen beside the message. At the top right of the message box you will see a (close) link. Once you have read the message, you can click this link to close the Message of the Day box so that it will stop appearing on every screen.

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Warning MotDs:

If something happens that we need you to note a bit more readily even than a standard MotD, then we put up a warning message. If you notice this appear on your screen, READ IT and read any news that might be associated if it points you to the news. These messages are not entirely common, but a couple of instances that we have used these before included a temporary game-wide player ban to upload certain new parts of the game that could be dangerous with people possibly ending turns or to fix a server/database problem that had suddenly cropped up. These messages are very important to note. You cannot close this type of MotD, primarily because we want you to actually read it instead of ignore it.

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