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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Neutral Exchange Camp

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. CEP Exchange
III. Auto Exchange
IV. Trade Market
V. CEP Minting
VI. Merchant Camps


The Neutral Exchange Camp is actually a small town that happened to survive the apocalypse in some semblance of normality. As such, the leaders and those who stepped forward to take charge in the new and strange world as things around them began to clear, decided that their town would act as a center of trade and commerce for the survivors that they hoped would emerge from the rubble. They began their planning quickly and set themselves up to handle trades and exchanges between groups and to provide messaging services for those who wanted to create their own camps. This camp also provides the ability to invest pre-apocalyptic money for CEPs and provides certain specially trained workers for hire.

Neutral Exchange Camp OptionsBecause of their position as a center of commerce, the leaders also set forth rules of neutrality that would be enforced among their own population and among the camps that sent messengers to the Neutral Exchange Camp. These rules basically entail that fighting between camps will stay outside of the perimeter of the trade camp and that those camps desiring the privilege of minting will refrain from producing any offensive weaponry. The people of the camp know that other camps will always find a way around such rules as this and even allow for weapons trade on the market. They merely want to encourage fighting to stop, not force it to.

All of the links for the Neutral Exchange Camp features can be found on the right-hand side of your game screen. You will need at least one messenger assigned in order to access any of these features.

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CEP Exchange:

This service allows you to trade in excess food, disposables or building supplies for Common Exchange Pieces (CEP). These are the monetary units created by the Neutral Exchange Camp to act as a standard for exchange between all camps and even within a camp. You will need at least 1 messenger to use this feature and will also be limited by your current Marketing research. The current exchange rate for this exchange is 100 food (67 building supplies) for 1 CEP.

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Auto Exchange:

In this exchange, you can assign a messenger from your camp to trade a specified amount of a resource for CEPs or CEPs for a resource each turn. This command will be carried out automatically and will only stop if you stop it or have none of the assigned resource for trade left (basically if you assign a trade of 5,000 food for CEPs, and you only have 2,500 one turn, the trade will still be carried out, but with the amount you have.) The AutoExchange rates are rather skewed in the Neutral Exchange Camp's favor. You can trade in 100 food or disposables or 67 building supplies for 1 CEP or 1 CEP for 20 food/disposables or 30 building supplies.

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Trade Market:

The Trade Market is a particularly useful exchange center where you and other camps can place excess resources, weapons, ores, and even satellites up for sale or buy the ones on the market. Each item has a minimum and maximum price that you can assign, but that range allows for capitalism to prevail since you can sell your goods for a better price than either party could really achieve through the exchanges. There are four main streets that you can look through for available items. You will need at least one messenger for each purchase that you make. You will not be able to buy from yourself or from a member of your alliance. Use alliance aid or the merchant system for those exchanges.

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CEP Minting:

The Neutral Exchange Camp created the CEP during planning while the dust from the apocalypse was settling. This is the unit used to buy items off the Trade Market, construct 3rd level weaponry, and pay your people. The Neutral Exchange Camp knows that having the ability to mint your own money as a camp might be very useful, especially as a camp looking towards a major economy. Keeping this in mind the trade camp has created the dies other camps will need to coin their own money and the license requirements to gain these permissions. For a fee of 2,500 CEP, your camp can purchase this license at the expense of forfeiting your ability to make offensive weaponry from your own camp (long range weapons, vehicles, and cruise missiles). Because other camps can still attack you, you will be able to create defensive weapons and may be able to buy offensive weapons off the Trade Market.

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Merchant Camps:

The Neutral Exchange Camp will sell business licenses to established camps so that they can become merchants in their own right and provide services that the Trade Market cannot. By buying a license you will gain the ability to create allow and disallow lists, sell to allies, and even create packages, though you will have to provide the storage and pay taxes on your business. When buying from a merchant you will be able to do a search through all merchants for a specific item or search for a specific merchant to buy from.

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