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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: News and Updates

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Notifications
III. Marking Read
IV. The Importance of News Posts
V. Game Updates


The purpose of in-game news is to let you know about important game information that can and usually will affect your camp. Game updates are short messages noting when an admin has made an update to a primary game page. These may be interface updates, gameplay changes, or even the occasional major bug fix. We won't post news about every typo corrected, but something major will be noted in the news so that those who didn't see the forum post (or private message if applicable) will have warning of the change before they find themselves severely affected or confused. Typo fixes will generally be noted in the game updates because this keeps track of changes both for the admins and for the players.

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Right Hand Communications Notifier

Whenever you log into or play through the game, there might be news or updates added to the game. You will be alerted to these updates in two ways. First, your notifier on the right-hand side of your screen will be updated with the number of new news posts or update posts. Second, the link at the bottom of the page will turn bright red instead of the usual blue if there is a new news post. One of these should alert you to the fact that something new has been posted. You can use either spot to get to the news page so that you can read the latest announcements, and the updates can be reached by clicking the "Updates Today" notifier.

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Marking Read:

New News Example

The only way to mark a news post as "read" is to actually go to the news page. When you first click on one of the links, your page will open with the new news posts shown in orange as pictured above. This will help let you know what announcements are actually new instead of having to reread them all to find the one(s) that you haven't yet read. Old news posts will be shown in the tan pictured below.

News posts will be displayed with the most recent posts first and the oldest posts last. Once you have clicked to a new page the news posts will all be tan and the two notifiers will be returned to their original appearance.

Old News Example

Game updates will be listed in alternating colors on the updates page with the new ones displayed with a red number beside the information. Old updates will merely have a standard black number beside. New updates will remain marked as such for 24 hours after posted, whether you've viewed the update, logged out, etc.

Example of a New Update Message

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The Importance of News Posts:

News posts are very important as you play through the game. These are the way that the game admins can let the entire community know about major changes, upgrades, or additions that need to be made before and throughout the game. We will post news at the beginning of the round to let everyone know about changes that were made between rounds and to remind everyone (new and old) who the admins are. We may answer questions that are asked repeatedly or post reminders for new and old players to make sure that everyone is well-informed about that specific topic. You will also find the occasional alert here if we have to make changes or updates that could severely affect your camp or gameplay.

Towards the end of the round, we will post reminders of the upcoming end to encourage people to make use of the time they have left so that they are not caught at the end of the round with turns that they were saving and now can't use. Generally, the news is highly important to keep you informed of in-game occurrences so there are no dangerous or odd surprises.

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Game Updates :

Game updates are useful tidbits of information. These will generally give you some information on what we've recently worked on in the game. Each update will have a number, the admin who made the change, the title of the update, when we announced the update, and usually some information about the update. Occasionally the title and description will be left out because of sensitive changes. In that event, you'll see a title of "Admin Only" and "<This change's details are not public>" as the description.

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