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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Nuclear Heating and Power

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Nuclear Heating
   A. How to Open
III. Nuclear Reactors
   A. How to Open
   B. Building and Using Reactors
   C. Improvements


Because nuclear technology can be used for more than just weaponry, you can open two other uses for nuke tech through advanced research. Unlike the nukes themselves, these technologies can be opened by anyone who wants to put in the advanced research. If you have opened and built an advanced lab, you can check the bottom of the Advanced Lab page to see what the research requirements are while you are playing. If you have opened these abilities, the requirement will be replaced with "ENABLED."

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Nuclear Heating:

Mid-Page Greeting with Nuclear Heating reminder

If you're tired of having to shell out hundreds or even thousands of building supplies every turn during the winter, then you might want to consider opening this ability. Once you have opened this ability, your winter heating costs will be reduced to nothing. This is an automatic benefit and has no side cost except the research required to open it.

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How to Open:

Peoples Page Resource Flow Chart

You will open nuclear heating by researching all fission topics to 20. After you reach this point, the heating replacement will take immediate effect, especially if you are in winter. Until winter you will only see a notice under your "Resource Flow" chart on the Peoples page and under the research topics on the Advanced Lab page. In winter the old notice that you have to burn wood to keep warm seen on the main page will be replaced with a reminder that you have reactors to heat your camp.

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Nuclear Reactors:

If you'd like something that can produce a bit more power per structure than any generator can provide, then Nuclear Reactors will serve that purpose. They take a bit of advanced research to open and manpower to build, but they will produce 50,000 kWH of power per unit. All construction of these reactors will be accomplished through the Nuke Factory linked on the left-hand side of your screen.

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How to Open:

To open these structures, you will need to research all fission topics to 30. Once you have opened it, you will see a notice under your advanced research topics.

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Building and Using Reactors:

Once you have done enough research to open nuclear power, you will be able to see how many nuclear reactors you have and will be able to assign people to work on them by going to the Nuke Factory page. It will take 7.5 million workers to complete one nuclear reactor in a day, but reactors have no land or building supply costs. In turn, they will produce 50,000 units of power per reactor. Your reactors will also have no daily staffing or resource cost.

Nuclear Reactor Construction

When you get ready to build a reactor, go to your Nuke Factory page and scroll to the "Nuclear Power Reactor Construction Assignment" queue. Here you will be able to see how many people have currently been assigned to work on reactors. To change this number, enter in the desired number of workers in the text box and click "now." Once these people are assigned, they will work on your reactors until they are unassigned, either manually or automatically due to staffing shortages. Below the worker assignment queue you will be able to see a graph that will display your progress on your reactors. Under this bar, you will be able to see how many operational reactors you have and how much power they are producing. Once constructed, reactors will come online automatically and will not go offline.

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The only way that you can improve your nuclear reactors is to research Power Generation so that you can assign more people for reactor construction. This will allow you to construct your reactors faster.

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