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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: OnNotice

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Location
III. Setting It Up
IV. Tools


OnNotice is a downloadable application that will connect to your account at specific set intervals to check for messages, news, attacks on your camp, alliance messages, and attacks on allied camps. This can help give you a heads up during the time you're not playing to help you rebuild or respond quickly.

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You can find OnNotice and download it from the main login page or by using the link below. You will be downloading a .zip file that will have the appropriate files. For the time being, OnNotice will only work on Windows.


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Setting It Up:

For a quick and easy setup, click the link to begin the download. Once it asks you whether to save the file or open it, click "Open." This will open the .zip file. Now select all of the files in the .zip file and drag them onto your desktop. Close the .zip file and click OnNotice.exe. This will open the program so that you can use it.

Once you have the program open, type in your login name and password, check the box if you want OnNotice to save your password for quick login later and set a desired number of minutes to elapse between checks. Once you have these set up as you like, click "Update Settings" to get started. The program will immediately connect and see if there are any new announcements related to your camp.

After setting this up, click "Shrink to Tray" to have the program shrink off your screen to your system tray. A little icon of a comet heading towards Earth, like the one on the left below, will be seen there normally. If there are any updates, you will instead see a bright orange Earth as if the comet just hit, like the image on the right. If you want to turn the program off, click the "Exit OnNotice Completely" button at the bottom of the window. Use the .exe file to restart it at any time.

OnNotice No Updates Icon OnNotice New Updates Icon

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OnNotice Display

OnNotice provides you a number of nifty tools for keeping up with your camp when you cannot be online. Depending on the interval you set, this program will connect to your camp's information to check for new alliance and private messages, news posts, and personal or alliance attack notices. You will see the bare HTML of any newsposts or messages that you view through this program and you will only be able to read the first 440 characters. If a private message is short enough that you want to go ahead and mark it read, you can by clicking the "Mark Read" button under the view screen. You will not be able to mark news or alliance message posts read. If you have received multiple messages or alerts since you last checked, you can page through these messages using the "< Previous" and "Next >" buttons under the view window.

If you ever want to check for updates between the interval you set, you can click "Check Now" to have the program connect and check immediately. You can also use this program to log you into the game immediately without even having to open a browser window yourself by clicking the "Log Directly Into Game" link at the top right corner of the window. This will open the game in a new browser window directly to the screen asking you if you are ready to proceed to the game.

One of the most interesting tools provided by this program is the ability to reply to and compose in-game private messages without having to open the game. Depending on whether you are replying to a message you currently have in the viewer or whether you want to talk to a separate camp, you can click the "Reply to Camp" button at the bottom right of the window under the message viewer or the "Compose In-Game Message" button on the left side of the window. If you have no message in the viewer window, the "Reply to Camp" button will be deactivated.

When you click one of these links you will see a window similar to the one below open. If you are just replying to a single camp, instead of the "To:" selection box appearing at the top of the screen as in this image, you will just see "Direct reply to (Player ID)". Once this window is open, type your message in the large text box that says "Type Your Message Here..." Once you have finished, you may notice that the "Send and Close Window" button is inactive. To activate this button, select which camp you want to send the message to. Camps are listed in alphabetical order in the top box. If you are replying to a camp, click on the "Direct reply" message to activate the "Send" button. Once you have done this click "Send" to send the message and close the composer. If you change your mind and decide that you don't want to send the message, click "Clear and Close" at the bottom right.

OnNotice Message Composer

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