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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: The Nuke Path

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Opening and Setting this Path
III. Path Advantages
   A. Building Nukes


The Nuke Path is geared towards increasing your score in large chunks at once for a large amount of resources invested. If you are interested in showing your power through large numbers of very powerful weapons, then the Nuke Path is for you. Other nuclear capabilities that are not Nuke Path specific can be found here.

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Opening and Setting this Path:

Nuclear Solution Center row from the Your Camp's Buildings table on the Construct page

In order to open this focus path, you will need to research all topics in your advanced labs to 5. Once you have done this, the Nuclear Solution Center will become an option for construction on your Construct page. This building will take 30,000 workers, 3,000 land, and 6,000 building supplies to construct. Once constructed you will be locked into the Nuke path. You cannot demolish your focus building, nor can you construct one of the others. Constructing this building will immediately open the abilities associated with this focus path.

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Path Advantages:

Once you have constructed your Nuclear Solution Center, you will be set on the Nuke Focus Path and will have the abilities that come with it. The benefit of being on this path is that you gain the ability to construct nukes. These weapons take 7.5 million worker days, 500 land, 25,000 building supplies, and 1,000 units of uranium to construct, but for all of these resources, you will gain 25,000 points for each weapon. Beyond this, setting yourself on a focus path will open your level 3 ops missions, allowing you to make attacks on other camps targeted at their specific path. Your nukes will be constructed through your Nuke Factory which will become accessible once your Nuclear Solution Center is constructed.

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Building Nukes:

Nuke Construction

When you decide that you want to build nukes, you will open the Nuke Factory page to assign nuke workers. You can assign as many people to work on your nukes as you have available population. The nuclear weapon, the equipment to run and keep checks on it, and the silo to house it take a large amount of land, building supplies, and an even larger number of people to actually construct it. Each nuclear weapon and silo will take 500 units of land, 1,000 units of uranium, and 25,000 building supplies, which you will have to have in order to build a nuke. Each nuke will also require 7.5 million worker days. Each new nuke that you construct will be noted beneath your main end-turn report. You will be able to watch the progress on each nuke by watching the graphs on the Nuke Factory page.

The main limitation that you will encounter when building nukes is the high worker, supply, and land cost. This may seem expensive as a small camp, but as you get larger, this cost will be much less prohibitive. Besides this, each completed nuke will provide your camp 25,000 points. If you do not have enough non-human resources to cover the cost of the nuke(s) being constructed, construction will halt just before completion until you have the resources needed.

Another thing that you must keep in mind as you build nukes, is the fact that you will be unable to build them if your population's morale drops to poor or lower. If this happens, all of your nuke workers will be unassigned automatically and will not be able to be reassigned until your morale is increased.

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Assigning Workers:

You can assign as many workers to nuke construction as you have available at any given time. You will type in the number of workers in the appropriate box and click "now". You can change this staffing at any time and can set your Daily Standing Orders, once your research is high enough, to assign all of your extra people to nuke construction when you end a turn.

Building Multiple Nukes:

Once you have done enough advanced research, you will be able to begin building more than one nuke at a time. You will be able to build up to 4 nukes at a time for the same worker costs at most. You can build more than 4 nukes in a turn, though, if you have enough people to throw into nuke construction. At 10 in all fission and rocketry topics you can build 2 nukes, at 20 you can build 3, and at 30 you can build 4.

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