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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Peoples Page

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Camp Morale
III. Recreation
IV. Medical Coverage
V. Rations
VI. Resources Flow Chart
VII. Camp Sustainability
VIII. Casting Out


The Peoples page is a spot where you can find out many of your camp's basic population related statistics. You will be able to keep track of morale levels and coverage percentages to keep your morale high. The production vs. consumption of resources will be shown as will a projected camp sustainability. Finally, this page is where you will be able to change your camp's rations and cast out population if needed.

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Camp Morale:

Peoples Page Morale Graph

While you will, of course, be able to quickly find out your camp's morale on any page by looking at the top bar, the Peoples page will give you a graphical display of your camp's current morale, allowing you to figure out how close you are to the next level above or below your current. This can help you avoid suddenly dropping into a low level morale without realizing it or shoot into a higher morale by making a couple of changes. Keeping a high level of morale is important for your camp for many reasons, so having a display for easy access is very important as the leader of a camp.

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Peoples Page Recreation Display

In order to help you keep an eye on your overall recreation coverage, you can check the display just below your morale graph. This display will show you how well you are meeting your camp's current demand for recreation facilities. If this graph is at 100%, you have completely met your camp's current requirements and you will not have to build anymore for awhile. The closer that number is to zero, the more you will have to build. Remember, one recreation facility will cover a minimum of 200 people. You will receive no extra benefit for having greater than 100% coverage.

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Medical Coverage:

Peoples Page Medical Coverage Display

Just as it is important for your morale to keep an eye on your rec coverage, it is important to know how well covered your camp is regarding its medical needs. Beyond the fact that higher medical coverage will improve your morale, you will also decrease population loss due to radiation poisoning and injury if you have better coverage. Since each medical facility will cover 1,500 people at minimum, their high costs are a bit easier to swallow. This chart, like the one above will show you how well you are meeting your camp's medical needs with 100% or greater being fully met and 0% being completely unmet. You will not get any extra benefit for greater than 100% coverage other than extra time before you need to construct another building. Remember, even 100% medical coverage will not stop losses if global Sr-90 reaches lethal levels.

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Peoples Page Rations Chart

One great way to quickly improve your morale is to up your camp's rations. Your people will be much happier if they feel that they don't have to worry about food being scarce. Your rations will start at 1, meaning that each person in your population is being fed 1 meal (unit of food) each day. Each ration level represents the number of units of food that each person in your camp will eat in a single day. Of course, militia, army, and special ops all have extra food requirements. Militia will eat one more meal per day than your rations. Army, and ops will each eat 2 meals per day, no matter what your rations are, and officers will eat 3 meals per day. If you want to change your rations, merely click the circle below the ration of your choosing and click the button at the bottom of the chart. You will typically not see an immediate change in your morale, as morale trends up and down like score, and you will be able to check the Resources Flow Chart to see what your new consumption : production ratio is.

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Resources Flow Chart:

Peoples Page Resource Flow Chart

Though you will get a daily report through your end turn display showing you what your camp consumed as compared to what it produced/found that day, you will be able to see exactly what your camp is producing compared to what it is consuming in this chart. This chart does not take into account any resources that you may be bringing in through exploration or trade. Only what your gardens, farms, recycling plants, etc. are actually producing is displayed here. Whenever your production or consumption rates change, whether it's because you bring in new population through recruiting, up your rations, construct new buildings, or perform any other action that would cause this type of change, this display will automatically be updated to reflect this change.

If you have done enough research to open nuclear heating, you will see the note shown in the image above below your chart to remind you that you no longer have a winter heating cost. Otherwise, you will receive a reminder that states the fact that you will have to burn 1 building supply for each shelter and barracks during the winter.

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Camp Sustainability:

Projected Camp Sustainability

Being able to estimate how many people your camp can sustain and judge when you need to build more of a resource producing building can be very important for a camp. This calculation will take into account only the same numbers as the chart above it, what your camp is currently consuming as compared to what it is actually producing, not what is being brought in. This number also does not consider available shelter space, which can limit your population increase until you build more.

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Casting Out:

Peoples Page Cast Out Box

At times during the game, you may occasionally run into an instance where you just won't be able to really support the total number of people that you have. If things become really desperate you might want to consider casting out some of the excess so that you can build your camp up to an equilibrium point where you can begin recruiting again. You will only be able to cast out up to 20 members of your camp at a time since you will NOT be able to undo this action. Once you have stabilized your camp and feel that you can justify adding more people, you can recruit to refill those positions that you cast out.

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