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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Player Profile

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Your Camp's Profile
III. Other Camps' Profiles


Player profiles are a way to let other camps know who you are and what your camp is about. These contain things like your camp's motto, flag, and any trophies that you might have earned during a round. Your profile can be viewed by any other player and you can view the profile of another player at any time. Use this information to learn a bit more about your fellow camps and to define yourself and your camp a bit.

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Your Camp's Profile:

Camp Valhalla's Profile

You can view your profile at any time in one of two ways. First you can click your name on the Statistics page to see the basic details that any other camp can see. The other way to view your own profile is to click the "Profile" link on the bottom bar. This link will take you to a page that not only shows you what your profile looks like at the top of the screen, but also holds tools for updating your profile.

Profile Tools

To change your profile, make sure you have clicked the "Profile" link at the bottom of the page and scroll until you see the options on the darker green back ground. The only option on the left side of this area is for choosing one of the provided flags that you can use if you do not have a flag of your own to upload. Below the drop-down box, is a link to a page with each flag available and its name. If you do not select a flag, you will automatically be assigned the atomic flag. Your flag will show up in the forums just beneath your name. In the right column of choices, your first option will be gender selection. You have four options that you can choose from, "Not Displayed" (the default), "Male", "Female", and "Not Decided." Click beside the one you want displayed, if you want something other than the default, shown. Just below this is a box that you can check if you want your e-mail displayed for other players to see. The default is unchecked, thus keeping your e-mail hidden and private. Other players will ONLY be able to see your e-mail if you choose to display it. Just below this is a text box where you can enter a motto for your camp. This motto will also be displayed as your signature in the forums.

Your final option in the green is for enabling the SpeedPack. If you haven't yet downloaded it, look beside the appropriate operating system for the computer you are on and click the black link to download the install file. Once you have installed the files, you will enable the SpeedPack using this tool set. Select which operating system you have to enable it. Remember to return and change the SpeedPack options to "Disabled" if you swap to a computer that doesn't have the files installed.

Once you have made any changes to your profile that you want, click "Update!" to save those changes. If you do not update properly, all the selections you made will be lost and will have to be reentered. After you click "Update!" the information you entered, selected, or changed will immediately show up for other camps to view.

Options for Uploading a Custom Flag

Below all of this you will see another option in a dark brown table. This is where you will be able to upload an image to use as your flag. In order to have the image upload and work properly, it must by 90 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall, less than 10k, and be a non-animated GIF, JPEG, or PNG. Other attempted file uploads will be rejected. Once you have an appropriate file ready, click the "Browse" button beside the text box and navigate to your image. Once you've selected the image, click the "Upload It" button. This will set your image as your camp's flag. If you create a new flag, uploading it will delete the old flag.

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Other Camps' Profiles:

Camp Salamandastron's Profile

If you are ever interested in finding out more about another camp, you can find their name in the Statistics listing and click on it to view their profile. Here you will be able to see any flag and/or motto they may have set, possibly their gender and e-mail, the camp's class, terrain, alliance, focus (if they have one), rank, trophies earned, and their battle ratio. You will also have access to a quick path for sending that specific camp a message if you would like. Also if the camp you are viewing is in your air, army, or ops range you will see a notice for each one that's appropriate. Click the link to be taken to the appropriate page to set up an attack on that camp with his/her name already selected.

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