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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Recycling

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Location
III. Recycling Unneeded Items
IV. Limitations


Your camp will get to points throughout the game where your current tech level or strategy makes many of the weapons, vehicles, and defensive structures in storage or otherwise distributed around your camp useless. Sometimes, selling these items on the Trade Market or aiding an alliance member is not the answer. Instead you can turn those old, useless structures and items into building supplies.

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You can access your recycling options by clicking the link on your left control panel. This link will remain inactive until you have at least 1 active recycling plant. If at any point all of your recycling plants are unstaffed, then this link will blank out again.

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Recycling Unneeded Items:

Recycling Options

When you get to a point that you are ready to recycle some of your currently unneeded weapons, vehicles, choppers, or defensive structures, you will use the tools on your Recycling page to recycle those items into building supplies. On this page, you will find three sets of recycling options. The top option is for recycling your buses. The middle set is for recycling weapons, other vehicles, and choppers. The third set is for recycling defensive structures. You will type in the number of items that you want to recycle in the appropriate text box and select which item you want to recycle from the drop-down box, if appropriate. For the items in the drop-down boxes, the quantity of each item that you have will be listed beside the name of the item as well as the number of building supplies that you will get once the items are recycled. Once you've made the appropriate selections you will click "now" to have the items recycled immediately.

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Recycling Reminder

The main limitation you will have when using this feature is the number of items that you have. You can only recycle what you have in your camp, no more. Also when you recycle something, it happens immediately, so if you don't have enough space in your storage huts for the building supplies, they will be disposed of when you end your turn. Finally, this action is irreversible, so if you decide to click "now" you are stuck with that decision.

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