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Survival Guide - Dust Settles' Main Screen: Right-Hand Column

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. The End Turn Button
III. In-Game Communications Updates
IV. Weather Displays
V. Advanced Resources and Terrain
VI. Neutral Exchange Camp Actions
VII. Merchant Camp Actions
VIII. Purchase Credits
IX. CEP Investment


The right-hand column contains an end-turn button, communications notifiers, weather information, advanced resources counter, terrain reminder, NEC links, Merchant camp links, optional purchase links, and an ad from our advertisers or a link to our merchandise.

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The End Turn Button:

Right-Hand Column End Turn ButtonBecause some of the things that you do to set up your day will leave you near the top of the page, there is an end-turn button at the top of the right-hand column. Either that end-turn button or the one at the bottom of the page will work perfectly well and you will be able to end multiple turns at both spots, once you open that ability.

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In-Game Communications Updates:

Communications Notifiers No Notices Throughout the game there will be news updates, forum posts, and the possibility for private messages between players and alliances, as well as updates to the game made by the admins. To make your life a little easier and to help get these new messages in an easily recognizable position, we have created six basic communications notifiers. The top notifier will let you know when you have a new message from another camp. The next one will let you know when there is a new news post. The third notifier will show you how many new posts have been made in the forums since your last login. Next, if you are part of an alliance, new alliance messages will be announced in the fourth row and new alliance forum posts will follow that. If you are not in an alliance you will merely see the "No alliance" message in this slot. Finally you will be able to see how many different updates the admins have made in the past 24 hours. You can click on any of these messages, except "No alliance", to get to the page containing that specific communication or form. You can also download the On-Notice notifier to get updates about attacks and communications while you are not logged in.

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Weather Displays:

Weather Display No Weather CenterWeather Display Weather Station Built

Because the seasons and weather have serious effects on multiple parts of your camp's daily activities, there is a simple display of both the season and the current weather in the right-hand column. Here you will be able to see simple displays and check what the temperature range is while you go through your "day". Once you can build weather stations, you will also be able to set storm defenses as active to help protect your camp from damage caused by severe storms.

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Advanced Resources and Terrain :

Neutral Exchange Camp Actions No Messengers

You've got a set of counters for your basic resources and your non-consumables on the top and left bar, and here on the right bar you've got counters for your advanced resources. Found just below the weather display, these counters will show you how much of each resource you have in storage, and how many available deposits you have. Below this you will see an image and text reminder of what terrain you're on.

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Neutral Exchange Camp Actions:

Neutral Exchange Camp Actions No Messengers The basic purpose of the Neutral Exchange Camp is to facilitate trade between camps. As long as you have at least one messenger, each of the links will be bold and active allowing you to trade CEP and resources between your camp and the Neutral Exchange Camp or your camp and another player's camp. This is where you will access the CEP Exchange, AutoExchange, and the Trade Market. This is also where you will go to buy or sell a minting license and to assign workers to mint CEPs. Because it's often easy to forget about the messenger link at the bottom of the page, you can click the "(messengers required)" link to go to the messenger page.

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Merchant Camp Actions:

Neutral Exchange Camp Actions No Messengers Below the primary NEC links, you will find some links for Merchant camp related activities and information. The first link will give you some details on what a Merchant is. The second link will allow you to search the existing merchant camps for items that you may want to purchase. The third link will allow you to access (or start) your own Merchant account so that you can sell your wares to other camps.

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Purchase Credits:

Purchase Credits linkIf you want to purchase dollar credits to use towards in-game add-ons, then this is the link you will need to click to be taken to the appropriate page. Inside this page you will find your player ID and the links to go to the PayPal checkout so that you can buy credits that you can then exchange for spies, scribes, or CEPs later.

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CEP Investment:

CEP Investment Button If you have purchased or earned a few credits and you want to exchange those credits for some CEPs, then this is the link you will need to click. Inside this page, you will find the tools needed to exchange as many or as few credits as you want for CEPs.

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