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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Main Screen

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Basic Parts
   A. Top Bar
   B. Left-Hand Column
   C. Right-Hand Column
   D. Mid-Page Information
   E. Bottom Bar
   F. End Turn Buttons


The main screen of Survival Guide:Dust Settles will be the first screen you see when you log in for the first time and every time after that. This will be the page you will return to every time you end a turn. This is the page that frames the rest of the game's pages and is the basic template for the rest of the pages.

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Basic Parts:

Scroll over the different parts of the image for a quick link to the detailed explanation of what is on that part of the screen or read below for a summary.

Main Game Screen SGDS Main Screen Top Bar SGDS Main Screen Left Control Panel SGDS Main Screen Right-Hand Column SGDS Main Screen Mid-Section SGDS Main Screen Bottom Bar SGDS Main Screen Bottom End Turn Button SGDS Main Screen Right End Turn Button

There are a few basic parts to the main page, all of which will be present to at least some extent throughout all of the other game pages. The only pages that do not have the same format/layout as this main screen are the forums, certain statistics pages, and any page that takes you out of the game. Most all of these will open in a new browser window so that you can post or check on certain things while still remaining in-game. Each of the main parts is described in basic form below. Click the link within the information or to the side for more details on what information/links are in each of the main parts.

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1. Top Bar:

The top bar contains most of your basic camp information and counters. You will be able to see things like your current score, rank, storage, etc. on this bar.

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2. Left-Hand Column:

The left column contains the primary sub-pages that you will be using during the game. If the links are dark gray, you will be able to click them and see the page. If the word is light gray, this means the page is disabled until you have met certain requirements, such as having certain buildings built and active. Below this is a quick display showing you some basic infrastructure information, followed by links to your Daily Standing Orders and the Camp Leader's Lounge.

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3. Right-Hand Column:

The right column contains mostly message notifiers and Neutral Exchange Camp links. You also will see all of your weather and season information in this column. Below the Neutral Exchange Camp links are links for the button to buy a few CEPs, if you are interested, and for trading in-game credits for CEPs.

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4. Mid-Page Information:

The middle part of the screen will change according to what page you are on. On the main page, you will have your camp's second-in-command. This is the guy responsible for giving you your results from the day before. You will also see a display of your last end-turn report. Beside your top man, you have a display of your "camp". Obviously, showing all 100,000 labs, 250,000 farms, and 150,000 storage huts that you might have towards the end of the game on one full screen alone would be practically impossible (especially if you wanted the page dynamic and to load in a reasonable amount of time). Instead, each time you build a new, different building from the Construct page, you will get a representative image on your map. Due to date of creation and overall space limitations, fire pits and guard towers will not be represented on this map.

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5. Bottom Bar:

The bottom bar contains messenger commands, alliance tools, and other game related feature like the news, rules, this manual, forums, the bug report form, and your profile. Below this bar you will see details about player numbers and even see how many other players are on at the same time. Other game stats and copyright information sit here as well.

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6. The End Turn Buttons:

The end turn buttons are how you will progress forward in the game. Once you have set up all the tasks that you want to do that day(s), you will select the number of days you want to end at once and click the button. This moves you forward at least one day in the game and gives you the results so you can go again.

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