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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Shelter Level 1

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Basic Information
III. Opening Requirements
IV. Improvements
V. Limitations
VI. Displays
VII. Special Considerations When Demolishing


These are your basic shelters and the one building you will start the game with. They can only hold a few people, but this building will give you and the rest of your camp somewhere to sleep until you can build something more permanent.

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Basic Information:

Shelter Level 1
Shelter Level 1
Building Name
Size (Land Units)
Supplies Cost
Shelter Level 1
Shelter Level 1
Workers to Construct
Daily Cost
Daily Production

Shelter level 1s are cheap and small. These are the very basic, starting shelter that you and your friends threw up as soon as you crawled out of the rubble. This tent will provide you shelter and will allow you to house more people as you find them, but you will have to build more shelters in order to increase your population. Having extra shelter space around of some type is very important since your recruit returns can vary and since you could have a random group of wandering survivors stroll past. If you do not have the space to house them, those survivors will pass by.

You will build more shelter 1s through the Construct screen, the same way you will build all the other buildings throughout the game.

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Opening Requirements:

This is a starter building and does not have to be opened through research.

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You can increase the number of people each of your shelters will hold by researching Housing. Because your Housing research will start at a minimum of 1, you will start with a total shelter space of 6 instead of the basic 5 that a shelter 1 would otherwise hold.

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Shelter level 1s are simple and cheap to build, but their low capacity means that you will have to build a large number to hold many people. This costs land, and come winter, can cost you an almost excessive amount of building supplies to keep your people warm. While shelter 1s are great, you may want to consider building shelter level 2s from the beginning, if you can afford the extra workers and building supplies.

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Shelter Level 1 row from the Your Camp's Buildings table on the Construct page

Your only displays regarding shelter 1s can be found on the top bar. Here you have two counters, one which shows how much shelter space you have total vs. how much is available and the other which shows what percent of your total shelter space is full. Since shelters have no staffing cost, there is no reason to unstaff them, thus the Construct screen's table showing your buildings will only show you how much each of your buildings will hold.

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Special Considerations When Demolishing:

When you decide to upgrade to shelter level 2s or 3s, you will have to keep your shelter 1s until the other buildings are constructed. You cannot leave your people without shelter, even if you are constructing more. You cannot demolish shelters that have people in them, even if it is only a single person.

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