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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Signing Up

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Single Round Sign-up
III. Reserved Account Sign-Up
   A. Multiple Account Ban
IV. Referrals
V. Validating
VI. Logging In/Out


Signing up is how you will set your login name, password, camp name, and other important information before you start playing the game. This information will keep your camp private and safe from other random people, set up certain aspects of the game according to your class and pre-apocalyptic terrain, and allow us a way to contact you in case of emergency, lost/forgotten password, or other game related contacts. No one at DailyWheel will ever send you an e-mail that is not one of the following: a) a reply to an e-mail you sent, b) a reply to a lost password request, c) an important announcement (something along the lines of an emergency mid-round server swap or something else that might cause the game to not be there when you tried to go to the site), d) an announcement about the start of the next round, or e) the rare occasion where we have to send a warning of a rule violation.

After each round, all accounts that are not linked to a member account will be deleted. All accounts with a saved name will be deleted as well in the game database. Your name will remain linked to your account so that only you can sign up and log in with that name.

If you decide that you do not wish to play anymore and you want your account(s), whether permanent or single-round, deleted please contact with the exact camp name(s) and login name(s) that you want deleted. You can always just not play the rest of the round, especially if you just have the game account, and it will be deleted at the end of the round when our databases are set to start conditions.

Rounds start on the first day of the month at noon and end on the last day of the month at noon. Check the game dates on the site if you need to know when it begins and ends. You can sign up mid-game without any issue and still be able to work your way to a decent rank if you play well. At the very least a mid-game sign up will allow you to get a feel for the game so you will be better prepared to rush for the top at the beginning of the next round.

Notice that e-mails will be sent to players between rounds  to notify them of updates and  starting dates . This also contains information on how to remove yourself from the mailing list.

Some things to note: At any time during any round you can request to be removed from our mailing list for game announcements. We will immediately remove your e-mail from our list for announcements. Your e-mail will be kept for emergency/warning purposes until your account is deleted, but we will otherwise not contact you without your having contacted us first. If you sign up for another round after this, and you did not have a permanent account, we will not be able to remember your individual account's request to be removed from the announcement list. You will have to request removal again. For more information on DailyWheel's Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy, please click here.

DailyWheel reserves the right to ban your account at any time during any round due to severe violation of the rules of the game or the Terms of Use.

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Single Round Sign-up:

Single Round Signup Screen

If this is your first round, or you just enjoy playing round to round, you can click either of the "Get Your Free Account" links on the main login screen. You will then see a screen that looks like this. In each of the appropriate boxes you should enter the requested information.

Login Name: The name that only you will know and that you will use to log into the game.
Camp Name: The name that all the other players in the game will see. This will be the name displayed on all charts.
Password: This is saved in our database in case you lose or forget it and need it sent back to you.
E-mail: You MUST enter a valid e-mail address and confirm it. If you do not enter a valid e-mail address, you cannot validate. If you do not validate, you will only be able to play a very limited version of the game. Please use an e-mail address that you access fairly easily. During a round you may need to contact the admins for various reasons using e-mail or we may need to contact you. If the e-mail you signed up with is one that you don't use and you e-mail us from another one later, we may request that you e-mail us again with the address you signed up with, especially if you are asking for sensitive information about your account. Also if you don't check the e-mail that you signed up with often, then you may miss an important announcement or information if we had to contact you for some reason.
Character Personality: This is where you will select your class. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages during gameplay, so think carefully.
Terrain: Here you will choose your pre-apocalyptic terrain. Each terrain has its own strengths and weaknesses affecting most of the areas of your gameplay. Choose your terrain/class combination carefully and remember that certain terrains might be more useful than others for a desired focus path.

Signing Up Character and Terrain Selection

Once you have entered this information, check out the rules and the Terms of Use/Privacy Policy and click "Sign me Up!" A randomly generated string of numbers will be sent to your e-mail address so that you can validate your account. (For more information on validating, see below.) Once you have received this e-mail, you will be able to enter this code the next time you log in. You can play the game before validating, you will just have certain communications and advanced research limits.

Signup Agreement and Submit Button

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Reserved Account Sign-up:

Members Box for Login, Signup, and Linking

If you have played before and know that you will be coming back multiple rounds or you have already decided that you want to stick around and play for awhile, you can reserve a camp name through a account. Just like an account on the game, the DailyWheel account is free and takes only a few moments to sign up for it, if you don't already have one. You will need to enter a login name and password as well as a valid e-mail. Once this account has been validated (you will receive an e-mail with a link to click or enter into your browser), you will be able to link up to 5 game accounts to your DailyWheel account.

Members' Signup Screen

If you are creating a new account to link to your DailyWheel account, you will enter the login name, camp name, password, and class. The e-mail address you used for your DailyWheel account will be automatically used for this game account, allowing you to play the full game without having to validate again. This name will be reserved for you until you decide to unlink it through your member's page. You will have to reset the camp name, login, etc. at the beginning of each new round, but no one else can use your camp's name. You also won't ever have to validate again.

Members' Signup Link Option

DailyWheel Members Page for Linking

At any point during the round you can link an existing account to a DailyWheel account. If you are creating the DailyWheel account after your game account, you will have to validate the DailyWheel account. Once your DailyWheel account is validated you will be able to link an existing game account through the member's page by entering the camp name, login name, and password in the appropriate boxes.

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Multiple Account Ban:

Though you can link multiple names to your DailyWheel account, this is primarily a feature allowing you the ability to link names that you might want to play as later (or that you have played as in previous rounds) and names that you want for other games that we will offer. (We have an RPG coming for example that might not work as well with your SGDS's camp name). You will not be able to play as more than one account in any given round, unless your camp dies. If you are caught with a second account, you will receive an e-mail telling you to choose which camp you want to remain active. The other account(s) will be banned. If you do this again, we will ban all of your accounts without question. The ban on multiple accounts IS in the rules and in signing up for the game you are agreeing to follow these rules.

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Signup referral entry box

Obviously, having more players to the game is better for everybody since it means more competition, more people in attack, ops, and air ranges, and more people to build up the community. While we do put out ads and do marketing of our own, word of mouth is often the best way to get new players who are interested in playing more than a few turns. Because of this we offer players the ability to get in-game credits for referring new players to the game. For each person that creates and validates an account and then plays through a sufficient number of turns (350), the referring camp will be awarded $1 worth of credit for in-game purchases.

Note: If you are caught creating multiple accounts in order to gain referral credits, every single one of your accounts, including your main account WILL be banned for violation of the rules.

In order to set up your account as a referral account, you will need to know the Player ID (a unique number for their camp, NOT their login or camp name) of the person that introduced you to the game. He or she can find this number by their camp name shown on the top bar or on any of the purchase related pages. You MUST have this number and enter it when you sign up to be counted as a referral for the other player's account. You will enter this number in the text box under the terrain choices.

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Validating is an important part of the sign up process. This is how we can make sure that everything was set up properly when you signed up. This provides you with a safeguard so that we can make sure that you are the one requesting a password reminder, reporting a problem with the game, etc. As you can see from the Terms of Use we also log your IP. Between your e-mail and your IP we can be certain that it is you trying to request such information or make a change to your account instead of someone else. Neither of these will ever be sold, posted, or used in any way other than to keep your game experience safe and smooth. Another reason we require you to validate is to protect you from random people making random camps so they can spam your in-game mailbox, the forums, or otherwise abuse the system. We want everyone to be able to play and have fun, not deal with someone else being a complete jerk.

If you are signing up for a single round account, once you have clicked the "Sign Me Up" button, an e-mail with a randomly generated number string that is linked to your account at creation will be sent to your e-mail address. Generally, you should receive this e-mail in only a few minutes. The next time you log in you will copy and paste the number from the e-mail into the text box provided. This will validate your account and open all game options for your use.

Validation Screen

Sometimes these e-mails are a bit slow in getting to the appropriate person, especially at the beginning of the game when a number of people are signing up at the same time. You can go ahead and finish logging into the game and start playing. You will be able to access all of the parts to the game that you will really need at the beginning except some in-game chat features such as private messages. Later on in the game you will not be able to create or join alliances or use any features associated with advanced labs. Be sure to check your spam folder for your validation e-mail. Because the validation codes are automatically generated and sent, a number of spam filters will catch and send this e-mail to a junk folder.

Reminder to check your spam or junk mail folder to make sure your validation code was not sent there by mistake

If you have not received your validation code within two hours of signing up, check your Profile page to make sure that your e-mail is spelled correctly. Also check your spam box to make sure your validation code wasn't sent there by mistake. Finally, send an e-mail INCLUDING YOUR CAMP NAME to We can look up your account and validation code with just your e-mail, but if you did not enter a proper e-mail or it was misspelled it will add that much more time to an already much more difficult process. By including your camp name, we can quickly and easily find your information to send you your validation code. (By the way, when I say camp name I do not mean your log in name. I am instead referring to the name that is displayed to the rest of the players on the game.)

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Logging In/Out:

If you have only a single round account you will have to log in through the main log in screen. Just enter your login name and password in the appropriate boxes. If you entered them properly you will see a screen that resembles the one below.

Login Successful Screen

Go ahead and click the link here to get to the main page.

If you have a reserved account linked to your DailyWheel account, you can log in this way or through the member's page where you will merely have to select which camp and enter the password.

When you get done playing for the day, you can either close the browser window with the game inside of it or click the Logout button at the top of the game screen. If you just close out, your account may still show up as online for 15 minutes (this merely shows recent activity), but you would have to log back in even from the same computer. The Logout button will merely send you to a screen which tells you explicitly that you have logged out and gives you the same warning about being shown active for 15 minutes. Our system only allows one computer online as each camp at a time, so it would be nearly impossible for an online account to be hijacked.

You will be logged out automatically if you just leave the browser sitting for a couple of hours.

Your DailyWheel account will not log you out for about 6 months. If you want to log yourself out of that account, you must use one of the logout buttons. Fortunately this can be found on the top of any DailyWheel page in the Member's bar.

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