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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Space Center

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Location
III. How to Open
IV. Building Satellites
V. Launching Satellites
VI. Limitations
VII. Improvements


Your space center provides you the ability to construct and launch needed satellites. Though difficult to open, this feature will give you the ability to build and launch satellites that will drastically improve the accuracy of missiles used to attack and defend nuclear weapons. It is more than worth the research needed to open and use this feature. Spy satellites in orbit will improve the accuracy of cruise missiles and their attack range while GPS will improve your patriots.

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You will be able to access your Space Center using the link on the left panel. This link will remain inactive until you have done enough advanced research to open it.

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How to Open:

You will open your space center by researching all of the Rocketry topics in your advanced lab to at least 30. After you have opened your space center, it could very well be empty if you have not done the basic research required to open the ability to build satellites. Concentrate on your Tracking (to 30 for spy) and Communications (to 30 for GPS) research to open the satellites.

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Building Satellites:

Satellite Construction Tools

Once you have opened your space center and the ability to construct at least one satellite, you will see the tools provided for satellite construction. Your GPS tools will sit above your spy satellite tools.

In both boxes, you will want to enter the number of people that you want to assign for satellite construction. As with the missiles, you will only be able to assign a limited number of people to work on your satellites at any given time. Depending on your Power Generation research, your maximum may be as low as 7,500 workers. It will take 75,000 worker days to construct a single satellite. This means it could take your camp as many as 10 turns to construct a satellite at full staffing.

At any time, you can check to see how many people you currently have assigned as satellite workers above the assignment box and how many you can assign max. both in the assignment text-box before entering your own value and under the text-box in the parentheses.

You will be able to keep track of your satellite construction with the graph provided under the worker assignment. Your total number of constructed, unlaunched satellites will be listed at the bottom of the box.

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Launching Satellites:

Satellite Launch Tools

Once you have a satellite constructed, you will be able to launch it into orbit for use. You can launch as many satellites as you have constructed at a time. Each satellite you launch will be usable immediately, thus allowing for an immediate increase in your defensive and offensive missile accuracy.

Below the launch tools, you will see a table containing information about what satellites you have in orbit. Remember, the larger the number of satellites in orbit, the better the associated missile accuracy will be.

Satellite Statistics

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Your primary limitation with the space center and satellites will be the research required to open them. It will take extensive research in the rocketry topics in your advanced labs to open the space center itself, not to mention extra research in Tracking and Communications in your basic labs to open the satellites themselves. Beyond that, you will be limited as to how many people you can assign to work on constructing satellites. Research Power Generation to increase this number.

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You can improve your satellite construction speed by researching Power Generation. This will allow you to staff more than the initial limit of 7,500, thus decreasing the number of turns it will take to build a satellite for launch.

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