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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Special Operations Officers

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Training Special Operations Officers
III. Housing Special Ops
IV. Feeding and Paying Special Ops
V. Special Ops Functions
VI. Weapons
VII. Improvements
VIII. Limitations


Spy Special Operations Officers:
Assigned units that can retrieve army information, poison resources, sabotage buildings, and assassinate officers. Must be trained in a classroom and housed in a barracks.

Special operations officers will be used to attack another camp in secret. You will be able to sabotage buildings, steal information, poison water or crops, and even assassinate officers when you run a mission. You will need plenty of militia, manned guard posts, active lights, wall, and barbed wire to keep yourself well protected from similar attacks. Though it is often difficult to get a true "success" on any ops mission, a failed mission can still cause a great deal of damage to a camp.

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Training Special Operations Officers:

In order to have special forces that you can use to attack another camp, you must train them. Special ops can only be trained from army units with a minimum army competency of veteran and only then at a rate of one ops unit for every 1,000 army units. Check the Classrooms page for more details on training ops.

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Housing Special Ops:

Your ops will live in the same barracks that they lived in as army units. Because of this you shouldn't have to worry too much about training ops units since they do not need extra barracks space. The barracks provide your ops a place to get together each day and work on building weapons as well as do their own planning and training while waiting for a camp to raid. Only those barracks with full quarters will produce weapons.

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Feeding and Paying Special Ops:

Your special ops will require one more meal each day than your current rations. Once you have ended 1,000 turns, you will have to begin paying your special ops units or your population's morale will drop to poor. These guys are risking their lives to make sure that your camp to perform sneak attacks on other camps to gain information, resources, and even people for your camp. The least you can do is feed them well and pay them.

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Special Ops Functions:

The primary function of special ops units is to run a specified mission against a camp to cause more subversive damage than a full-on assault. They will be able to do various tasks ranging from gathering recon to sabotaging buildings to assassinating officers. Special ops mission will be set on the Special Ops page.

Your special ops will play a small defensive role in both battle and ops attacks. If an attacking army defeats your defending troops and makes it through your walls, then some of your ops can come out and attack the army to help mitigate some civilian losses. Special ops can also catch other special ops during a mission, though it is much rarer for this to happen.

Finally, your ops will help to produce weapons from your barracks. They will only make weapons in barracks that are full, though.

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Special Ops are specially trained in hand-to-hand and melee combat with makeshift or stolen weapons and will not use standard weapons in battle.

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You can improve your ops in multiple ways. The primary ways to improve them is through research. Military Tactics, Weapon Design, Coercion, Ingenuity, and Architecture should all be researched heavily to help improve your ops skills during a mission, not to mention the fact that you will need to do a good deal of research in Military Tactics, Ingenuity, and Coercion to open the second level missions.

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Special Ops Attack Limit Reminder

The main limit you must remember when sending special forces to attack a camp is the fact that you can only attack a camp 3 times with special ops during any 24 hour period as long as they remain within your attack range. After 3 attacks you will have to wait 24 hours from your first attack before you can attack again. If you space out the attacks, you will have to space out your next set accordingly. There is also a limit of 10 attacks on a camp total in 24 hours.

Special Ops Attack Status

When you send out special ops on a raid, be sure that you can stand having them gone for 6 days (turns). Since special ops do not defend against anything, you shouldn't have much problem, though. You can check back on the Special Ops page at the bottom to see the basic details about the attack you sent.

Special Ops Travel Time Reminder

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